Thirty-Third Annual Victorian Algebra Conference, Sydney, Australia, 2015

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Participants in Thirty-Third Annual Victorian Algebra Conference

Participant Institution Talks
Mr Ramon Abud Alcala Macquarie University Using 2-dimensional categories in algebra
Prof Jon Berrick Yale-NUS College
Ms Sangeeta Bhatia University of Western Sydney
Dr Nathan Brownlowe The University of Sydney
Mr Kamil Bulinski The University of Sydney
Mr Timothy Peter Bywaters University of Wollongong
Mr Alex Casella The University of Sydney Parameter Space of Hyperbolic Cone-Manifold Structures
Assoc Prof Daniel Chan University of New South Wales Non-commutative projective lines and bimodule species
Dr Michael Coons The University of Newcastle
Prof Brian Davey La Trobe University Quasi-primal Cornish algebras
Prof Jie Du University of New South Wales
Dr James East Western Sydney University TBA
Dr Attila Egri-Nagy University of Western Sydney Finite diagram semigroups - a frontline report
Dr Murray Elder University of Technology, Sydney Random walks and amenability
Prof Andrew Francis Western Sydney University
Dr Richard Garner Macquarie University
Dr Volker Gebhardt University of Western Sydney Enumerating (Garside) lattices
Mr Samuel Asante Gyamerah
Dr Lucy Ham La Trobe University Definability of $\mathbb{SP}$-classes of uniform hypergraphs
Mr Nick Ham University of Tasmania The mod-$m$ diagram monoids.
Dr Robert C Haraway The University of Sydney
Prof Anthony Henderson The University of Sydney Identity-preserving and inverse-preserving polynomial maps from $\mathbb{C}$ to $\mathrm{SL}(n,\mathbb{C})$
Mr Michael Hendriksen University of Western Sydney Minimal Permutation Representations of Groups
Prof Detlev Hoffmann TU Dortmund Equivalence relations for quadratic forms
Dr Ju Huang Fujian Normal University Recollement of Colimit Categories and Its Applications
Dr Deborah Jackson La Trobe University
Dr Marcel Jackson La Trobe University Completely meet irreducible pseudovarieties.
Mr Alexander Ferdinand Kerschl The University of Sydney
Mr Muhammad Shuaib Khan The University of Newcastle Characterizations of the Transmuted Lindley distribution
Dr Tomasz Kowalski La Trobe University Remarks on Jonsson's Lemma
Dr Slaven Kozic The University of Sydney Vertex algebras and quantum current operators
Dr Jan Kuhr Palacky University Olomouc
Dr Chi Mak University of New South Wales
Mr Michael Arthur Mampusti University of Wollongong
Dr Andrew Mathas The University of Sydney Quiver Hecke algebras and the symmetric and alternating groups
Dr Peter McNamara The University of Melbourne
Dr Szabolcs Mikulas Birkbeck, University of London Languages and Relations
Dr James Mitchell University of St Andrews Long chains of subsemigroups
Mr Alexander Mundey University of Wollongong
Mr Murray Neuzerling La Trobe University Using algebra to avoid robots
Mr Gennady Arshad Notowidigdo University of New South Wales
Assoc Prof Jan Paseka Masaryk University Partial tense MV-algebras and related functions
Dr Arun Ram The University of Melbourne Picturing flags
Dr Lawrence Reeves The University of Melbourne
Dr Colin David Reid The University of Newcastle TBA
Mr Cameron Rogers The University of Newcastle Using random walk distributions for determining Folner sequences.
Mr Stuart Serdoz University of Western Sydney
Mr Christopher Taylor La Trobe University Algebras of incidence structures: representations of regular double p-algebras,
Dr Don Taylor The University of Sydney
Dr Anne Thomas The University of Sydney Affine Deligne-Lusztig varieties and the geometry of Euclidean reflection groups
Dr Stephan Tillmann The University of Sydney Thurston norm via Fox Calculus
Dr Mircea Voineagu University of New South Wales
Prof Ian Wanless Monash University Embedding partial Latin squares in Cayley tables
Prof George Willis The University of Newcastle Endomorphisms of totally disconnected, lcoally compact groups
Mr Jon Xu The University of Melbourne Schubert Calculus and Finite Geometry
Dr Shona Yu University of Western Sydney
Assoc Prof Sanming Zhou The University of Melbourne
Mr Ruben Zilibowitz University of Western Sydney