Differential Geometry, Lie Theory and Low-Dimensional Topology, Melbourne, Australia, 2016

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Participants in Differential Geometry, Lie Theory and Low-Dimensional Topology

Participant Institution Talks
Mr Shintaro Akamine Kyushu University Geometry of timelike minimal surfaces and null curves
Dr Anthony Blaom University of Auckland Lie algebroids and subgeometry
Prof Philip Broadbridge La Trobe University Exact solutions for geometric evolution of metal surfaces.
Dr Grant Cairns La Trobe University
Dr Owen Dearricott The University of Melbourne Positive curvature in dimension 7
Mr Bartek Ewertowski The University of Auckland
Mr Keegan Flood The University of Auckland Metric projective geometries and projective compactification
Dr Wolfgang Globke University of Vienna Compact pseudo-Riemannian Einstein manifolds in low dimensions
Prof Rod Gover University of Auckland Nearly Kaehler geometry, (2,3,5) distributions, and projective differential geometry.
Dr Takahiro Hashinaga National Institute of Technology Kitakyushu College On homogeneous Lagrangian submanifolds in complex hyperbolic spaces
Mr Yuta Hatakeyama Kyushu University Approximation of the Curvature and the Torsion of Curves by the Discrete Curvature and the Discrete Torsion
Dr Ana Hinic Galic La Trobe University
Dr Joshua Howie Monash University Quasi-Fuchsian checkerboard surfaces
Mr Zhenxi Huang The University of Adelaide
Mr Isami Koga Kyushu University Equivariant holomorphic embeddings from the complex projective line into a complex Grassmannian of 2-planes
Prof Sung-Eun Koh Konkuk Univ.
Prof Miyuki Koiso Kyushu University Stability and bifurcation for surfaces with constant mean curvature
Dr Krzysztof Krakowski Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw
Dr Thomas Leistner The University of Adelaide
Assoc Prof James McCoy The University of Newcastle Curvature contraction flow of axially symmetric hypersurfaces
Dr Margaret McIntyre University of Ghana A missing link in the classification of immersed curves which extend to immersed surfaces?
Ms Grace Omollo Misereh La Trobe University
Assoc Prof Marcel Nicolau Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Foliations and webs inducing Galois coverings
Dr Yuri Nikolayevsky La Trobe University
Prof Yurii Nikonorov Southern Mathematical Institute VSC RAS The evolution of positively curved invariant metrics on the Wallach spaces under the Ricci flow
Prof Hiroyuki Ochiai Kyushu University
Dr Vera Roshchina RMIT University
Dr Marty Ross None
Prof Osamu Saeki Kyushu University Indefinite fibrations on 4-manifolds
Dr Peter Stacey La Trobe University
Prof Hiroshi Tamaru Hiroshima University Left-invariant metrics and submanifold geometry
Mr Ioannis Tsartsaflis La Trobe University
Dr Peter Vassiliou Australian National University
Dr Yuri Vyatkin The University of Auckland
Mr Adam Wood The University of Melbourne