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Participants in 61st Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society

Participant Institution Talks
Dr Zahra Afsar University of Wollongong
Dr Amie Albrecht University of South Australia The two-train separation problem on non-level track

Prof Maia Nikolova Angelova Deakin University Mathematical model of glucose-insulin regulation with diabetically impaired ultradian oscillations
Mx Fatemeh Ansarizadeh Swinburne University of Technology
Dr Robyn Patrice Araujo Queensland University of Technology The Simple Complexity of Robust Networks
Ms Lyn Armstrong University of Western Sydney Working on title
Dr Azam Asanjarani AMSI/University of Melbourne
Miss Ayreena Bakhtawar La Trobe University
Dr John Banks The University of Melbourne
Mr Alexander John Bishop University of Newcastle
Dr Zdravko Botev University of New South Wales
Ms Elizabeth Bradford University of South Australia
Mx David Brander Technical University of Denmark Cauchy problems for surfaces related to harmonic maps
Prof Philip Broadbridge La Trobe University Non-classical symmetry solution of nonlinear reaction-diffusion: soil-water with plant roots.
Mr Paul Bryan The University of Queensland
Mx Nicholas Buchdahl The University of Adelaide
Mx Jean-Jerome Casanova Monash University
Mr Alex Casella University of Sydney
Mx Yi-Lung Chen University of New South Wales
Mr Hanz Martin Cheng Monash University Convergence analysis of GDM--ELLAM schemes for a miscible displacement model in porous media
Dr Kieran Clancy Flinders University
Assoc Prof Adelle Coster University of New South Wales
Dr Kevin Coulembier University of Sydney TBA
Mr Harry Crimmins University of New South Wales
Mx Diarmuid Crowley Uni. of Melbourne tba
Dr Zsuzsanna Dancso The University of Sydney
Prof Jim Denier Macquarie University
Mx Tanmay Deshpande Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Dr Norman Do Monash University
Dr Roland Dodd Central Queensland University Bridging the Gap for Inclusive Transition
Dr Jerome Droniou Monash University
Dr James East Western Sydney University TBA
Prof Andrew Eberhard RMIT University Radius Theorems for Monotone Mappings
Mx YOUNESS EL KHATABI Moulay Ismail University
Dr Murray Elder University of Technology Sydney TBA
Miss Jie Yen Fan Monash University
Dr Jessica Fintzen Institute for Advanced Study TBA
Dr Chi-Kwong Fok The University of Adelaide
Ms Roslyn Forecast RMIT University
Mr Saul D. Freedman The University Of Western Australia
Prof Gary Froyland University of New South Wales
Dr Thomas Fung Macquarie University
Prof Vladimir Gaitsgory Macquarie University
Dr Richard Garner Macquarie University
Assoc Prof Timothy Garoni Monash University
Dr Wolfgang Globke The University of Adelaide Affinely flat algebraic groups and a conjecture of Popov
Mr Yoong Kuan Goh University of Technology Sydney Pattern Avoiding Permutations
Prof Rod Gover University of Auckland The projective geometry of Sasaki-Einstein structures and their compactification
Ms Catheryn Gray University of New South Wales Akt Translocation as a Harmonic Oscillator
Dr David Gruenewald University of Sydney
Mr Hao Guo The University of Adelaide
Prof William Guo Central Queensland University Improving retention and progression by rescheduling engineering mathematics units
Mr Zihua Guo Monash University Generalized Strichartz estimates for Schrodinger equation
Dr Philip Hackney Macquarie University
Mx Michael Alexander Hallam The University of Adelaide
Dr Adam Harris University of New England
Dr David Harvey University of New South Wales
Prof Markus Hegland Australian National University Fractals and numerical linear algebra
Prof Anthony Henderson University of Sydney
Mx Duy Ho University of Canterbury
Dr Algy Howe Australian National University
Mr Jinghao Huang University of New South Wales Derivations into ideals of semifinite von Neumann algebras
Dr Mumtaz Hussain La Trobe University
Dr Gizem Intepe Western Sydney University Examining Students' Interaction with Mathematics Consultation using Text Mining
Prof Nalini Joshi University of Sydney Geometric Asymptotics
Dr Masoud Kamgarpour University of Queensland Rigid connections
Assoc Prof Peter Kim University of Sydney
Mx SANJEEV KUMAR Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra
Mr Adarsh Kumbhari University of Sydney
Prof Stephen Lack Macquarie University
Mr Jeffrey Lay Australian National University
Dr Quoc Thong Le Gia University of New South Wales
Dr Thomas Leistner The University of Adelaide
Dr Guoyin Li University of New South Wales Computing Radius of Robust Feasibility of Uncertain Linear Conic Programs via Semidefinite Programs
Mx Huan Huan li University of Western Sydney
Mr Scott Lindstrom The University of Newcastle Quasinonexpansive operators for solving convex feasibility problems
Ms Sara Li-Yen Loo The University of Sydney
Mx Artem Lopatin University of Campinas
Prof John Loxton University of Western Sydney
Dr Fu Ken Ly University of Sydney An embedding result for Hermite distribution spaces
Mx daniel mackinlay University of New South Wales
Dr Shev MacNamara University of Technology, Sydney
Mr Michael Arthur Mampusti University of Wollongong
Dr Daniel Francis Mansfield University of New South Wales
Assoc Prof James McCoy University of Wollongong
Mx Stephen Meagher University of New South Wales Chebotarev's density theorem over finite fields
Dr Christopher Meaney Macquarie University
Ms Stephanie Mills University of South Australia
Miss Sogol Mohammadian The University of Newcastle
Dr Ross Moore Macquarie University
Mx Daniel Murfet The University of Melbourne A-infinity categories of matrix factorisations
Prof Mary Myerscough University of Sydney
Mr Csaba Nagy The University of Melbourne
Ms Trang Thi Thien Nguyen University of South Australia
Mr Thanakorn Nitithumbundit University of Sydney
Mx Marielle Ong University of Queensland
Dr Alessandro Ottazzi University of New South Wales
Mr Alex Parkinson Macquarie University
Dr David Alan Pask University of Wollongong
Mx Bregje Pauwels Australian National University
Dr Guillermo Pineda-Villavicencio Federation University Australia On the reconstruction of polytopes
Prof Geoffrey Prince Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute Variationality of PDEs
Dr Artem Pulemotov The University of Queensland Metrics with prescribed curvature on homogeneous spaces with intermediate subgroups
Dr Milena Radnovic University of Sydney Short trajectories of integrable billiards
Mr Rommel Real Australian National University
Mx Marcia Ricci Pinheiro IICSE University DE
Dr Marcy Robertson The University of Melbourne 1.5 Models for Infinity Modular Operads
Dr Danya Rose University of Sydney
Dr Jan Rozendaal Australian National University TBA
Dr Tanja Schindler Australian National University Trimmed sums for observables on the doubling map
Dr Min Sha Macquarie University
Mr Donald Shearman Western Sydney University
Prof Harvinder Sidhu University of New South Wales
Dr Adam Sierakowski University of Wollongong
Prof Ian Sloan University of New South Wales
Miss Rebecca Smith The University of Newcastle Engagement Focused Learning in Large Service Level Courses
Mx Matthew James Spong The University of Melbourne
Dr Peter Stacey La Trobe University
Prof Ross Howard Street Macquarie University Real sets
Mr Srinivasa Rao Subramanya Rao Australian National University
Dr Melissa Tacy University of Otago
Dr Thomas Taimre University of Queensland
Mr Dominic Tate University of Sydney TBA
Dr Chuong Thai Doan University of New South Wales Optimality Conditions for Nonsmooth Multiobjective Bilevel Optimization Problems
Miss Lauren Thornton University of the Sunshine Coast Base radical and semisimple class operators for finite associative rings
Dr Chris Tisdell University of New South Wales No, Professor: You Don't Need to Reverse the Order of Integration!
Dr Timothy Trudgian UNSW Canberra Primes and squares --- in less than two pages!
Dr Geetika Verma University of South Australia
Prof Kari Vilonen The University of Melbourne TBA
Dr Mircea Voineagu University of New South Wales Computations in Bredon Motivic Cohomology
Dr Hang Wang University of Adelaide Character identity: A point of view from index theory
Assoc Prof Lesley Ward University of South Australia
Dr Michael Greg Watson University of Sydney
Mr Sam Weatherhog The University of Queensland
Mx Ben Webster University of Waterloo The representation theory of symplectic singularities
Mx Dominic Weiller Australian National University
Dr Arik Wilbert University of Bonn/ MPI Bonn TBA
Dr Thomas Wong The University of Melbourne
Prof Leigh Wood Macquarie University
Dr Changwei Xiong Australian National University
Mr Jon Xu The University of Melbourne Chevalley groups and finite geometry
Dr Ting Xue The University of Melbourne TBA
Dr Oded Yacobi University of Sydney
Mx Yaping Yang The University of Melbourne
Mr Erchuan Zhang The University Of Western Australia
Dr Liangyi Zhao University of New South Wales Mean-value results of Hecke L-functions with fixed order characters
Mr Jonathan Julian Zhu Harvard University Min-max theory for constant mean curvature hypersurfaces
Mx Shengguo Zhu Monash University
Prof Song-Ping Zhu University of Wollongong Pricing American-style Parisian Options