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Participants in 61st Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society

Participant Institution Talks
Mr Fahad Fahad Alshammari The University of Queensland
Ms Jie Yen Fan Monash University Measure-valued population processes and their asymptotics
Dr Michal Ferov University of Technology, Sydney Isomorphism problem for virtually-free groups
Dr Laurence Field Australian National University Spatial decomposition for Brownian motion and SLE curves
Dr Jessica Fintzen Institute for Advanced Study On the Moy--Prasad filtration and super-cuspidal representations
Dr Chi-Kwong Fok The University of Adelaide Real K-theory of compact Lie groups
Ms Roslyn Forecast RMIT University
Prof Peter Forrester The University of Melbourne Octonions in random matrix theory
Prof H\'el\`ene Frankowska CNRS Value function and necessary optimality conditions in deterministic optimal control
Ms Dorothee Frey Delft University of Technology Sparse dominations and sharp weighted estimates for singular integral operators
Prof Gary Froyland University of New South Wales
Dr Thomas Fung Macquarie University