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Participants in 61st Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society

Participant Institution Talks
Prof Vladimir Gaitsgory Macquarie University Averaging in singularly perturbed deterministic and stochastic optimal control problems and dynamic games
Mr Masoud Ganji University of New England A criterion for the embedding of a $3$-dimensional CR structure
Dr Alexandr Garbali The University of Melbourne Lattice integrable stochastic processes
Dr Richard Garner Macquarie University Ultrafilters
Assoc Prof Timothy Garoni Monash University
Dr Wolfgang Globke University of Vienna Affinely flat algebraic groups and a conjecture of Popov
Mr Yoong Kuan Goh University of Technology, Sydney
Mr Chris Gordon Macquarie University
Prof Georg Gottwald The University of Sydney
Prof Rod Gover University of Auckland The projective geometry of Sasaki--Einstein structures and their compactification
Mr Andrew Grant Macquarie University Comparing multivariate spectral densities
Ms Catheryn Gray University of New South Wales Akt translocation as a harmonic oscillator
Dr Christopher Green Macquarie University Using the Schottky--Klein prime function to compute harmonic measure distribution functions of a class of multiply connected planar domains
Assoc Prof Catherine Greenhill University of New South Wales Two threshold problems for random graphs and hypergraphs
Prof Joseph Grotowski The University of Queensland
Dr David Gruenewald The University of Sydney
Mr Hao Guo The University of Adelaide
Prof William Guo Central Queensland University Improving retention and progression by rescheduling engineering mathematics units
Mr Zihua Guo Monash University Generalized Strichartz estimates for Schr\"odinger equation