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Participants in 61st Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society

Participant Institution Talks
Miss Lijing Ma Macquarie University Multiple change-point detection in an AR(1) Process: comparison of different methods
Mr Daniel Mackinlay University of New South Wales
Mr Simon Macourt University of New South Wales Visible points on exponential curves
Mr Yuki Maehara Macquarie University Mahavier limits
Mr Alexander Majchrowski The University of Sydney Neck detection for the fully nonlinear flow $G$
Mr Michael Arthur Mampusti University of Wollongong Mauldin--Williams graphs and their KMS states
Dr Vladimir Mangazeev Australian National University Integrable structure of products of complex random matrices
Mrs Audrey Markowskei Macquarie University
Dr Daniel Mathews Monash University Knot invariants and cluster algebras
Dr Scott McCallum Macquarie University
Dr Nick McConnell Defence Science and Technology Organisation
Assoc Prof James McCoy The University of Newcastle
Dr Robert McDougall University of the Sunshine Coast On base radical operators Part 2: classes of finite Puczylowski algebras
Mr Fazlul Md Fazlul Hoque The University of Queensland
Mx Stephen Meagher University of New South Wales Chebotarev's density theorem over finite fields
Dr Christopher Meaney Macquarie University
Mr Samuel Mills The University of Adelaide
Ms Stephanie Mills University of South Australia The connection between vanishing reverse-H\"older weights and functions of vanishing mean oscillation
Dr Terence Mills Deakin University Lessons from problem solving in ancient China
Miss Sogol Mohammadian The University of Newcastle Investigating Hamilton cycles through extreme points of a certain polytope
Dr Ross Moore Macquarie University Authoring `Tagged PDF' documents with \LaTeX
Prof Sid Morris Federation University Australia
Mx Daniel Murfet The University of Melbourne A-infinity categories of matrix factorisations
Prof John Murray University of New South Wales Smoking prevalence and related death rates for Australian birth cohorts over the last century
Prof Mary Myerscough The University of Sydney
Dr Gerry Myerson Macquarie University