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Participants in 61st Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society

Participant Institution Talks
Mr George Papadopoulos The University of Sydney
Mr Alex Parkinson Macquarie University Averaging of discrete-time singularly perturbed optimal control problems
Dr James Parkinson The University of Sydney
Dr Bregje Pauwels Australian National University Gerstenhaber structure of a class of special biserial algebras
Mr Thomas Pedersen University of Wollongong On the $C^*$-algebras of a graph of groups
Dr Richard Mark Pennifold Department of Defence
Mr Oscar Peralta Technical University of Denmark On a class of bivariate phase-type distributions and its applications in risk theory
Dr Collin Grant Phillips The University of Sydney Employing cultural plasticity in STEM workshops for prospective indigenous Engineering and Information Technology students
Dr Guillermo Pineda-Villavicencio Federation University Australia On the reconstruction of polytopes
Prof Philip Keith Pollett University of Queensland Metapopulations in evolving landscapes
Ms Pantea Pooladvand The University of Sydney Do T-cells compete for antigen?
Prof Geoffrey Prince Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute Variationality of PDEs
Dr Artem Pulemotov The University of Queensland Metrics with prescribed curvature on homogeneous spaces with intermediate subgroups
Mx Ainsley Pullen The University of Queensland Concrete mathematical incompleteness and the Finite Upper Shift Kernel theorem