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Participants in 61st Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society

Participant Institution Talks
Dr Milena Radnovic The University of Sydney Short trajectories of integrable billiards
Mx Jacqui Ramagge The University of Sydney C*-algebras from self-similar actions and their states
Dr Matthew Randall None Flat $(2,3,5)$-distributions and Chazy's equations
Mrs Nishanthi Raveendran Macquarie University Binary segmentation methods for spatial clustering
Prof John Roberts University of New South Wales
Dr Marcy Robertson The University of Melbourne Presheaf models for infinity modular operads
Dr Danya Rose The University of Sydney Who gets the girl? On the operational sex ratio as an index for male strategy
Dr Vera Roshchina RMIT University Multipoint Voronoi cells
Dr Jan Rozendaal Australian National University Operator-valued $(L^{p},L^{q})$ Fourier multipliers
Dr Leanne Rylands University of Western Sydney