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Participants in 61st Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society

Participant Institution Talks
Mr Martin Sagradian Macquarie University Potential theory problems for arbitrary rotationally symmetric double-connected conductors: rigorous approach
Mr Fazal Ahmad Saikal Ultimo TAFE Mathematics Section
Ms Tanja Schindler Australian National University Trimmed sums for observables on the doubling map
Assoc Prof Gerd Schmalz University of New England Homogeneous tube domains in higher dimensions
Dr Jelena Schmalz University of New England
Dr Katherine Anne Seaton La Trobe University
Dr Min Sha Macquarie University On the irregular primes with respect to Euler polynomials
Mr Donald Shearman Western Sydney University
Miss Meng Shi Monash University Bootstrap random walk
Prof Harvinder Sidhu University of New South Wales
Dr Adam Sierakowski University of Wollongong Unbounded quasitraces, stable finiteness and pure infiniteness
Dr Adam Sikora Macquarie University Riesz transform and harmonic functions
Prof Aidan Sims University of Wollongong Rigidity for dynamics via operator algebras
Mr Timothy Siu University of New South Wales Combinatorial model for the dynamics of birational maps over finite fields
Prof Ian Sloan University of New South Wales On the generation of random fields
Prof Michael Small The University of Western Australia Reconstructing continuous dynamical systems from time series data with discrete transition graphs
Dr Geoffrey Smith None
Prof Paul Smith Macquarie University Quantifying the change in the far-field pattern induced by rounding the corners of a scatterer illuminated by a plane-wave electromagnetic field
Miss Rebecca Smith The University of Newcastle Engagement-focused learning in large service-level courses
Prof Kate Smith-Miles The University of Melbourne
Dr Georgy Sofronov Macquarie University
Mx Matthew James Spong The University of Melbourne The $K$-theory of loop spaces and elliptic cohomology
Dr Peter Stacey La Trobe University
Dr Michael Stewart The University of Sydney More sensitive mixture detection using the empirical moment-generating function
Dr Tim Stokes University of Waikato Generalised domain and $E$-inverse semigroups
Prof Yvonne Stokes The University of Adelaide Can we make that fibre?
Prof Ross Howard Street Macquarie University Real sets
Miss Michelle Strumila The University of Melbourne
Prof Fedor Sukochev University of New South Wales Conformal trace theorem for Julia sets
Dr Yingying Sun The University of Sydney The Sylvester equation and the elliptic Korteweg--de Vries system
Dr Nicole Sutherland The University of Sydney