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Participants in Celebration of Women in Australian Mathematical Sciences

Participant Institution Talks
Dr Jorge Aarao University of South Australia
Dr Seyedeh Narjess Afzaly Australian National University A Hierarchical Canonical Labelling and its Application in Generation of Graphs
Dr Amie Albrecht University of South Australia The two-train separation problem on non-level track
Miss Haya Saeed N Aldosari University of New South Wales
Ms Shannon Dee Algar The University of Western Australia The dynamics of selfish herds
Mrs Huda Alrashdi The University of Sydney
Prof Maia Nikolova Angelova Deakin University Deterministic and Stochastic Model of Arabidopsis Flowering
Ms Rosemary Aogo University of New South Wales Direct quantification of host removal in Plasmodium infection and the effects of antimalarial drugs on removal of parasites
Dr Nicola Armstrong Murdoch University Investigating non-linear associations in high dimensional ‘omics data
Ms Keshia Atchison Australian Bureau of Statistics
Mx Melanie Bahlo Walter and Eliza Hall Institute Extracting different disease information from genomic data: the case of repeat expansion disorders
Mr Julian Bailey Australian National University
Assoc Prof Rowena Ball Australian National University The fundamental equation of life
Dr Susan Barwick The University of Adelaide
Prof Nigel Bean The University of Adelaide
Mx Kimberly Becker The University of Adelaide
Miss Erika Rana Gabriela Belchamber University of South Australia
Dr Benjamin Binder The University of Adelaide
Ms Chantelle Blachut The University of Queensland Characterising the behaviour of coherent sets in non-autonomous dynamical systems
Dr Bea Bleile University of New England Poincar{\'e} Duality Complexes
Dr Imre Bokor University of New England
Mx Rhys Bowden The University of Melbourne
Ms Sabine Braat The University of Melbourne Statisticians working in clinical trials in Australia and gender equity: Findings from a national survey
Ms Elizabeth Bradford University of South Australia A recursive algorithm for inversion of linear operator pencils
Mx Sarah Brough University of New South Wales Written in our stars? Gender in Australian astronomy
Dr Sarah Buckley Australian Council for Educational Research Gender and mathematics: Barriers to mathematical learning and the way forward
Prof Benjamin Burton University of Queensland
Dr Anna Cai University of New South Wales
Dr Sophie Calabretto Macquarie University
Miss Ting-Ying Chang The University of Sydney On singular solutions of weighted divergence operators
Ms Parisa Charkhgard The University of Newcastle The network maintenance problem
Ms Sophie Chen Australian National University
Dr Grace Chiu Australian National University Deciphering messy data on plant root physiology to improve breeding practices
Dr Alys Rachel Clark The University of Auckland The impact of micro-scale structural heterogeneities in gas exchange organs on whole organ function
Mx Claire Clarke Australian Bureau of Statistics Conditional selection for overlap and rotation control
Mx Gemma Dianne Clayton The University of Queensland
Dr Julie Clutterbuck Monash University
Dr Julia Collins Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute
Dr Zsuzsanna Dancso The University of Sydney A mystery
Prof Aurore Delaigle The University of Melbourne Statistical problems in functional data analysis
Prof Jim Denier Macquarie University
Mx Michelle Claire Edwards The University of Adelaide
Ms Suzanne Melissa Edwards The University of Adelaide
Dr Yanan Fan University of New South Wales
Mx Yanqin Fang University of Wollongong Regularity and classification of solutions to static Hartree equations involving Fractional Laplacians
Mx Anne Fernando University of Wollongong
Prof Lilia Ferrario Australian National University
Dr Jennifer Flegg The University of Melbourne A mathematical model of the use of supplemental oxygen to combat surgical site infection
Dr Fiona Fletcher Defence Science and Technology Group
Dr Chi-Kwong Fok The University of Adelaide
Prof Helen Forgasz Monash University Gender and VCE enrolments in mathematics subjects 2001-2015: Does school type matter?
Mrs Nikki Fozzard Griffith University
Mrs Ajini Galapitage University of South Australia
Mx Grace Garden Boeing Defence Australia
Assoc Prof Timothy Garoni Monash University
Dr Amy Glen Murdoch University On Lyndon words containing the minimum number of Lyndon factors
Assoc Prof Gary Glonek The University of Adelaide
Miss Amelia Gontar Flinders University A talk about beer, wine, and pizza
Dr Cecilia Gonzalez-Tokman The University of Queensland
Assoc Prof Catherine Greenhill University of New South Wales Thresholds for colouring random graphs and hypergraphs
Dr Emily Jane Hackett-Jones University of South Australia Bioinformatic challenges in the analysis of CLIP Experiments
Dr Bronwyn Hajek University of South Australia Analytical solutions to nonlinear reaction-diffusion equations in different coordinate systems
Dr Joanne Hall RMIT University Optimal Data Distribution for All-to-All Comparison Pattern using Finite Projective and Affine Planes
Mr Michael Alexander Hallam The University of Adelaide
Miss Shuhui He University of Wollongong
Prof Bruce Henry University of New South Wales
Dr Sara Herke The University of Queensland Parity restrictions for orthogonal arrays
Dr Roslyn Hickson IBM Research Australia An epidemic of a thousand people starts with a single infection
Dr Karin-Therese Howell Stellenbosch University An introduction to the theory of Near-vector Spaces
Prof Phil Howlett University of South Australia
Prof Irene Lena Hudson Swinburne University of Technology The problem of modelling sleep: 2 analytic approaches via DPMMs and MTD models
Ms Hilary Hunt The University of Melbourne Decoding cardiac calcium signals
Mrs Malathi Sajeewani Imiyage Dona La Trobe University Powerful differential expression analysis incorporating network topology for next-generation sequencing data
Dr Alex James University of Canterbury Oh the times are they a'changing?
Ms Adrianne Jenner The University of Sydney How does pressure within a tumour affect the outcome of cancer treatment?
Prof Nalini Joshi The University of Sydney Geometric asymptotics
Dr Grace Joshy Australian National University Development, validation and calibration of mortality risk prediction models: results from 123,697 middle-aged and older Australian men
Dr Sevvandi Priyanvada Kandanaarachchi Monash University Robust anomaly detection in non-stationary data streams
Dr Reena Kapoor Data61, Canberra
Dr Jessica Kasza Monash University Information content of cluster-period cells in stepped wedge trials
Dr Simranjit Kaur The University of Melbourne Optimizing environmental water release decisions in river systems
Dr Christina Kazantzidou Queensland University of Technology Eigenstructure assignment for the position regulation of a fully-actuated marine craft
Miss Maria Kleshnina The University of Queensland Incompetence in microbial games
Assoc Prof Inge Koch AMSI/University of Melbourne Self-Perception and Attitudes of Female and Male Year 5 and 8 Students towards Mathematics
Dr Laura Kocoska RMIT University RMIT Maths Ready Program
Prof Margreta Kuijper AMSI/University of Melbourne Attack detection and correction for linear systems
Mx Aparna Lal Australian National University
Dr Karen Lamb Deakin University Statistical considerations in neighbourhoods and health research
Dr Kerry Landman The University of Melbourne
Ms Kylie Lange The University of Adelaide
Prof Finnur Larusson The University of Adelaide
Miss Roslyn Anne Lau DST Group A structured mean field approach for tracking a coordinated group
Prof Gilah Leder Monash University From school to career: A snapshot of supports and obstacles
Dr Gobert Lee Flinders University
Dr Thomas Leistner The University of Adelaide
Mrs Galina Levitina University of New South Wales Cwikel estimates in noncommutative plane
Dr Ning Li Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute Participation, performance and attitude towards Mathematics of school students: Gender report
Miss Siyuan Li University of Wollongong
Dr Joan Licata Australian National University Parallel Parking
Mx Anita Liebenau Monash University Counting d-regular graphs and the degree sequence of the random graph
Ms Tianshu Liu The University of Melbourne Affine ops(1|2) and its coset construction
Ms Sara Li-Yen Loo The University of Sydney Cultural evolution of low fertility at high socio-economic status
Dr Xiaoping Lu University of Wollongong Finite maturity stock loan valuation
Dr Barbara Maenhaut The University of Queensland The Oberwolfach Problem
Mx Carol McInerney NSW Ministry of Health
Ms Janine McIntosh Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute
Ms Janet McKeown The University of Sydney
Ms Jody McKerral Flinders University The role of diatom nanostructures in constraining diffusive nutrient uptake
Mx Rachel McLean The University of Adelaide
Dr Jeanette McLeod University of Canterbury The switching-stable graphs
Prof Kerrie Mengersen Queensland University of Technology Statistical Models Meet New Technology: merging the old and the new
Dr Elasma Milanzi The University of Melbourne Issues in Using the Random Effects Approach in Meta-analysis of Sparse Data
Mr Samuel Mills The University of Adelaide
Ms Stephanie Mills University of South Australia Doubling, dyadic doubling and triadic doubling weight functions
Ms Grace Omollo Misereh La Trobe University Annulus and Pants Thrackle drawing
Miss Sogol Mohammadian The University of Newcastle
Dr Margarita Moreno-Betancur Murdoch Childrens Research Institute Causal diagrams to guide the treatment of missing data in epidemiological studies with multiple incomplete variables
Prof Mary Myerscough The University of Sydney
Dr Teresa Neeman Australian National University
Dr Giang Nguyen The University of Adelaide
Ms Trang Nguyen University of South Australia Characterisation of BMO($\mathbb{R}$) and VMO($\mathbb{R}$) via commutators with Cauchy integrals
Ms Helen Isabella Nicol Charles Sturt University
Ms Trisha Nowland Macquarie University Set Theory for Factor Analysis: A Modest Proposal
Dr Christine O'Keefe CSIRO Protecting confidentiality while making data available for research and policy analysis: current trends
Prof Aleks Owczarek The University of Melbourne
Dr Ozge Ozcakir Monash University Nonlinear Exact Coherent Structures in pipe flow and their instabilities
Dr Bregje Pauwels Australian National University Separable (commutative) monoids in tensor triangulated categories
Miss Jessica Penfold The University of Adelaide
Dr Catherine Penington Macquarie University Exits in order: how crowding affects particle lifetimes
Mx Bethany Pamela Phipps The University of Adelaide
Mx Bethany Mariah Pickles The University of Adelaide
Ms Pantea Pooladvand The University of Sydney Modelling diffusion of anti-cancer viruses in solid tumours
Dr Svetlana Postnova The University of Sydney Physiologically based modelling of sleep and alertness
Prof Cheryl Praeger The University of Western Australia “The gender equity landscape in Australian mathematical sciences”.
Mx Malabika Pramanik University of British Columbia, Vancouver Needles, Bushes, Hairbrushes and Polynomials
Mx Ainsley Pullen The University of Queensland
Dr Rachael Quill The University of Adelaide Estimation of directional wind response using noisy bivariate circular data: a comparison of approaches
Dr Milena Radnovic The University of Sydney Pseudo-integrable billiards within confocal conics
Mx Ami Radunskaya Pomona College Using mathematics to fight cancer
Mx Jacqui Ramagge The University of Sydney
Ms Jackie Reid University of New England Balancing the Equation: A Mentoring Program for First-Year Female Students in STEM
Mx Renata Rendek University of New South Wales Market Efficiency and the Growth Optimal Portfolio
Dr David Roberts The University of Adelaide
Dr Marcy Robertson The University of Melbourne Applications of $E_n$ operads
Dr Jan Rozendaal Australian National University
Mr Matthew James Ryan The University of Adelaide
Dr Raquel Salmeron Zapata Australian National University Models of wind-driving protostellar disks
Dr Janice Scealy Australian National University Directional Mixed Effects Models for Compositional Data
Ms Tanja Schindler Australian National University Trimmed sums for observables on the doubling map
Prof Susan Scott Australian National University
Dr Katherine Anne Seaton La Trobe University Networks and small worlds
Mx Seong-Mi Seo Korea Institute for Advanced Study Bulk scaling limits for random normal matrix ensembles near singularities
Ms Yang Shi Flinders University Reflection groups and discrete integrable systems
Mx Heejung Shim The University of Melbourne Multiscale approaches for analyses of high-throughput sequencing data
Dr Leonie Simpson Queensland University of Technology Examining Authenticated Encryption Proposals
Dr Erica Smith University of New England Balancing the Equation: A Mentoring Program for First-Year Female Students in STEM
Prof Kate Smith-Miles The University of Melbourne Expensive Black-Box Optimisation
Assoc Prof Sharon Stephen The University of Sydney Effect of partial slip on boundary-layer instability
Dr Elizabeth Stojanovski The University of Newcastle
Prof Yvonne Stokes The University of Adelaide Successes and challenges in modelling of fibre drawing
Miss Michelle Strumila The University of Melbourne Coloured Cyclic Operads
Dr Nicole Sutherland The University of Sydney Computations with Galois groups
Dr Laleh Tafakori AMSI/University of Melbourne
Prof Peter Taylor The University of Melbourne
Prof Doreen Thomas The University of Melbourne The Steiner tree problem: first some history and then an application in underground mine design
Mx Natalie Thorne Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance Bioinformatics in the healthcare system
Dr Ilknur Tulunay University of Technology, Sydney A metric defined on transformed cumulative return series
Mx Katharine Turner Australian National University Persistent homology rank function
Ms Sue Tyerman University of South Australia
Mx Tea Kristiane Espeland Uggen University of Technology, Sydney Automated Classification of Post-Stroke Aphasia by Severity
Dr John Van Der Hoek University of South Australia
Mx Frederique Vanholsbeeck The University of Auckland A Leaky Pipe Dream? A Study of Gender Differences in Undergraduate Physics
Assoc Prof Vanessa Venturi University of New South Wales
Dr Geetika Verma University of South Australia Perturbation in replicator equation to study discrete time evolutionary population
Dr Elena Vinogradova Macquarie University Resonance Scattering: Spectrum of Quasi-Eigen Oscillations of Two-Dimensional Arbitrary Open Cavities
Mr James Nicholas Walker The University of Adelaide
Mx Matt Wand University of Technology, Sydney
Dr Hang Wang The University of Adelaide An $L^2$-index theorem for group actions of noncompact quotients
Prof Ian Wanless Monash University
Assoc Prof Lesley Ward University of South Australia
Ms Valentina-Mira Wheeler University of Wollongong
Ms Sinead Wilson The University of Queensland
Prof Leigh Wood Macquarie University
Ms Yuhan Wu University of Wollongong
Prof Jean Yang The University of Sydney
Dr Yaping Yang The University of Melbourne Towards a construction of higher dimensional loop Grassmannians
Mx Hui Yao The University of Queensland Rare-Event Simulation for Products of Random Variables
Dr Lisa Yelland The University of Adelaide Calculating the Sample Size for Trials Collecting Both Independent and Paired Data
Ms Sophie Zaloumis The University of Melbourne
Ms Sally Zanic The University of Melbourne