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Participants in Celebration of Women in Australian Mathematical Sciences

Participant Institution Talks
Mx Melanie Bahlo Walter and Eliza Hall Institute Extracting different disease information from genomic data: the case of repeat expansion disorders
Mr Julian Bailey Australian National University
Assoc Prof Rowena Ball Australian National University The fundamental equation of life
Dr Susan Barwick The University of Adelaide
Prof Nigel Bean The University of Adelaide
Mx Kimberly Becker The University of Adelaide
Miss Erika Rana Gabriela Belchamber University of South Australia
Dr Benjamin Binder The University of Adelaide
Ms Chantelle Blachut The University of Queensland Characterising the behaviour of coherent sets in non-autonomous dynamical systems
Dr Bea Bleile University of New England Poincar{\'e} Duality Complexes
Dr Imre Bokor University of New England
Mx Rhys Bowden The University of Melbourne
Ms Sabine Braat The University of Melbourne Statisticians working in clinical trials in Australia and gender equity: Findings from a national survey
Ms Elizabeth Bradford University of South Australia A recursive algorithm for inversion of linear operator pencils
Mx Sarah Brough University of New South Wales Written in our stars? Gender in Australian astronomy
Dr Sarah Buckley Australian Council for Educational Research Gender and mathematics: Barriers to mathematical learning and the way forward
Prof Benjamin Burton University of Queensland