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Participants in Celebration of Women in Australian Mathematical Sciences

Participant Institution Talks
Dr Emily Jane Hackett-Jones University of South Australia Bioinformatic challenges in the analysis of CLIP Experiments
Dr Bronwyn Hajek University of South Australia Analytical solutions to nonlinear reaction-diffusion equations in different coordinate systems
Dr Joanne Hall RMIT University Optimal Data Distribution for All-to-All Comparison Pattern using Finite Projective and Affine Planes
Mr Michael Alexander Hallam The University of Adelaide
Miss Shuhui He University of Wollongong
Prof Bruce Henry University of New South Wales
Dr Sara Herke The University of Queensland Parity restrictions for orthogonal arrays
Dr Roslyn Hickson IBM Research Australia An epidemic of a thousand people starts with a single infection
Dr Karin-Therese Howell Stellenbosch University An introduction to the theory of Near-vector Spaces
Prof Phil Howlett University of South Australia
Prof Irene Lena Hudson Swinburne University of Technology The problem of modelling sleep: 2 analytic approaches via DPMMs and MTD models
Ms Hilary Hunt The University of Melbourne Decoding cardiac calcium signals