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Participants in Celebration of Women in Australian Mathematical Sciences

Participant Institution Talks
Mx Aparna Lal Australian National University
Dr Karen Lamb Deakin University Statistical considerations in neighbourhoods and health research
Dr Kerry Landman The University of Melbourne
Ms Kylie Lange The University of Adelaide
Prof Finnur Larusson The University of Adelaide
Miss Roslyn Anne Lau DST Group A structured mean field approach for tracking a coordinated group
Prof Gilah Leder Monash University From school to career: A snapshot of supports and obstacles
Dr Gobert Lee Flinders University
Dr Thomas Leistner The University of Adelaide
Mrs Galina Levitina University of New South Wales Cwikel estimates in noncommutative plane
Dr Ning Li Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute Participation, performance and attitude towards Mathematics of school students: Gender report
Miss Siyuan Li University of Wollongong
Dr Joan Licata Australian National University Parallel Parking
Mx Anita Liebenau Monash University Counting d-regular graphs and the degree sequence of the random graph
Ms Tianshu Liu The University of Melbourne Affine ops(1|2) and its coset construction
Ms Sara Li-Yen Loo The University of Sydney Cultural evolution of low fertility at high socio-economic status
Dr Xiaoping Lu University of Wollongong Finite maturity stock loan valuation