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Participants in Celebration of Women in Australian Mathematical Sciences

Participant Institution Talks
Dr Bregje Pauwels Australian National University Separable (commutative) monoids in tensor triangulated categories
Miss Jessica Penfold The University of Adelaide
Dr Catherine Penington Macquarie University Exits in order: how crowding affects particle lifetimes
Mx Bethany Pamela Phipps The University of Adelaide
Mx Bethany Mariah Pickles The University of Adelaide
Ms Pantea Pooladvand The University of Sydney Modelling diffusion of anti-cancer viruses in solid tumours
Dr Svetlana Postnova The University of Sydney Physiologically based modelling of sleep and alertness
Prof Cheryl Praeger The University of Western Australia “The gender equity landscape in Australian mathematical sciences”.
Mx Malabika Pramanik University of British Columbia, Vancouver Needles, Bushes, Hairbrushes and Polynomials
Mx Ainsley Pullen The University of Queensland