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Participants in Celebration of Women in Australian Mathematical Sciences

Participant Institution Talks
Dr Raquel Salmeron Zapata Australian National University Models of wind-driving protostellar disks
Dr Janice Scealy Australian National University Directional Mixed Effects Models for Compositional Data
Ms Tanja Schindler Australian National University Trimmed sums for observables on the doubling map
Prof Susan Scott Australian National University
Dr Katherine Anne Seaton La Trobe University Networks and small worlds
Mx Seong-Mi Seo Korea Institute for Advanced Study Bulk scaling limits for random normal matrix ensembles near singularities
Ms Yang Shi The University of Sydney Reflection groups and discrete integrable systems
Mx Heejung Shim The University of Melbourne Multiscale approaches for analyses of high-throughput sequencing data
Dr Leonie Simpson Queensland University of Technology Examining Authenticated Encryption Proposals
Dr Erica Smith University of New England Balancing the Equation: A Mentoring Program for First-Year Female Students in STEM
Prof Kate Smith-Miles The University of Melbourne Expensive Black-Box Optimisation
Assoc Prof Sharon Stephen The University of Sydney Effect of partial slip on boundary-layer instability
Dr Elizabeth Stojanovski The University of Newcastle
Prof Yvonne Stokes The University of Adelaide Successes and challenges in modelling of fibre drawing
Miss Michelle Strumila The University of Melbourne Coloured Cyclic Operads
Dr Nicole Sutherland The University of Sydney Computations with Galois groups