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Details of talk

TitleStatistical Models Meet New Technology: merging the old and the new
PresenterKerrie Mengersen (Queensland University of Technology)
Author(s)Prof Kerrie Mengersen
SessionPlenary Lectures
Time09:30:00 2017-09-26

It is an exciting time to be a statistician. The wide variety of sources and
types of data that are now available to statisticians offer new avenues for
describing, understanding and modelling our world. New technology such as
virtual reality, wearables and sensors can deliver data to inform about health
and society, business and industry, agriculture and environment. The challenge
for us now is how to enlarge our statistical skill-set to model and analyse
these data effectively. In this presentation, I will discuss some of our
experiences in merging new technology and statistical models. Examples will
include using virtual reality to create a jaguar corridor in the Peruvian
Amazon, satellites for official statistics, wearables for sport and elephants,
and sensors for smart cities.