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Details of talk

TitleA Hierarchical Canonical Labelling and its Application in Generation of Graphs
PresenterSeyedeh Narjess Afzaly (Australian National University)
Author(s)Seyedeh Narjess Afzaly
SessionAlgebra and Discrete Mathematics
Time15:00:00 2017-09-25

We present a new class of canonical labellings, \textit{hierarchical canonical
labelling}, for graphs in which if the vertices of a graph $G$ are canonically
labelled by $\{1, \dots, n\}$, then $G\setminus\{n\}$ is also canonically
We provide examples of such canonical labellings. As an application of these
labellings, we introduce a new method of generation based on this labelling that
combines the benefits of two well-known methods of generation: Orderly
Generation and Generation by Canonical Construction Path.