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Details of talk

TitleStatistical considerations in neighbourhoods and health research
PresenterKaren Lamb (Deakin University)
Author(s)Karen Lamb
SessionBiostatistics and Bioinformatics
Time14:00:00 2017-09-26

The places in which we live are thought to shape our health and behaviours. From
the availability of parks and recreational facilities to access to supermarkets
and fast food outlets, the resources available to us within our neighbourhoods
may affect behaviours such as physical activity and diet, both of which are
associated with a number of chronic diseases. The study of place effects on
health and behaviour is challenging due to a number of important statistical and
epidemiological considerations. These include challenges such as how to define
exposure to neighbourhood attributes; methodological issues associated with
dealing with spatial data such as spatial autocorrelation and the modifiable
areal unit problem; and, finally, issues around attempts to establish a causal
relationship between neighbourhood exposures and health or behaviour. In this
presentation, I will highlight these issues with examples from my work in this
area of research.