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Details of talk

TitleTowards a construction of higher dimensional loop Grassmannians
PresenterYaping Yang (The University of Melbourne)
Author(s)Yaping Yang
SessionGeometry and Topology
Time13:30:00 2017-09-26

I will talk about a construction of higher dimensional loop Grassmannians, in
the framework of local spaces over Hilbert scheme of points. The notion of local
spaces is a refined version of the factorization space of Beilinson-Drinfeld. It
has many applications, examples including loop Grassmannians associated to
Kac-Moody groups, geometric Langlands duality in higher dimensions, and
non-abelian higher class field theory. 

In dimension 1, this construction yields the recent reconstruction by Ivan
Mirkovic of the usual loop Grassmannians from semi-infinite orbits. During the
talk, I will mainly focus on the construction applied to dimension 2. I will
briefly mention the difficulties in dimension 3.

This talk is based on my joint work with Ivan Mirkovic and Gufang Zhao.