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TitleStatisticians working in clinical trials in Australia and gender equity: Findings from a national survey
PresenterSabine Braat (The University of Melbourne)
Author(s)Sabine Braat, Katherine J Lee, Laurent Billot, Julie Marsh, and Elaine Pascoe

In 2015, a special interest group part of the Australian Clinical Trials
Alliance was formed bringing together statisticians working in
investigator-initiated clinical trials across Australia. Statisticians working
in clinical trials are typically located in hospitals, clinical trials units,
medical research institutes, or universities. They are involved in the design,
analysis, and reporting of trials, which are generally funded via grant
programs. To develop a better understanding of the landscape of the current
statistical expertise in clinical trials across Australia, a survey was
conducted in the groupís members collecting data on educational background,
employment, and grant experience. We explored similarities and differences in
survey responses between male and female participants and identified areas where
the special interest group could play a role in gender equity. Compared to
males, female participants were younger, were more likely to work part-time, had
less years of experience, and did less methodological research, despite similar
proportions with Master and PhD degrees and grant-funded positions.

Keywords: 	statisticians, clinical trials, survey, gender equity