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TitleCharacterising the behaviour of coherent sets in non-autonomous dynamical systems
PresenterChantelle Blachut (The University of Queensland)
Author(s)Chantelle Blachut

It has been shown that the singular value decomposition (SVD) of a transfer
operator induced by a given dynamical system, can be thought of as a
multi-layered characterisation of the system for the given time interval. Such a
decomposition is useful for identifying coherent sets about which chaotic flows
ensue. The term coherent sets refers to regions of phase space that exhibit
minimal dispersion over the time period considered. This work presents results
of numerical investigations of a Perron-Frobenius cocycle which describes the
dynamics of a non-autonomous system. Our analysis yields important information
about how coherent structures manifest themselves within singular vectors, and
how they evolve in the presence of an underlying chaotic flow.