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Details of talk

TitleAttack detection and correction for linear systems
PresenterMargreta Kuijper (AMSI/University of Melbourne)
Author(s)Margreta Kuijper
SessionCryptography, Coding and Compression
Time11:30:00 2017-09-25

This talk is concerned with feedback controlled systems. In recent years there
have been several events around the world where such systems have been cyber
attacked, resulting in malfunctioning and damage. There is currently a need for
an automated response as part of the resilience of the system. I will consider
the scenario where the attacker, with knowledge of the linear system dynamics,
attacks a restricted number of system outputs over time. I will introduce the
notion of system's ``security index" as an analogon of ``minimal distance" in
linear coding theory. I will then specify the appropriate canonical form of the
system representation and present practical attack detection and automated
attack correction methods.