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TitleEigenstructure assignment for the position regulation of a fully-actuated marine craft
PresenterChristina Kazantzidou (Queensland University of Technology)
Author(s)Christina Kazantzidou, Tristan Perez, Francis Valentinis
SessionOperations Research and Optimisation
Time11:30:00 2017-09-25

In this paper, we adopt eigenstructure assignment in order to assist with the
tuning of a nonlinear energy-based regulator for the positioning of a marine
craft in the horizontal plane. The control law is designed using interconnection
and damping assignment passivity-based control (IDA-PBC), which results in
passive target dynamics that can be expressed as a port-Hamiltonian system
(PHS). IDA-PBC has been applied before with success in a number of different
applications. To date, however, there has been minimal development in either
tuning tools or techniques that can analytically aid the designer in achieving
the desired response characteristics. Good results can be achieved only with
intuitive and meticulous manual tuning. By linearising the nonlinear target
dynamics in PHS form, we demonstrate that the analysis of the eigenstructure,
and consequently its assignment can significantly aid the tuning process. The
approach provides a mechanism for simultaneously considering the frequency
domain characteristics at a point of linearisation, as well as the time domain
characteristics. A demonstration of the method is provided in the form of a
design study for position regulation of an underwater vehicle in the horizontal

This paper was presented at the 20th World Congress of the International
Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC 2017), 9-14 July 2017, Toulouse, France.