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Details of talk

TitleSeparable (commutative) monoids in tensor triangulated categories
PresenterBregje Pauwels (Australian National University)
Author(s)Bregje Pauwels
SessionAlgebra and Discrete Mathematics
Time14:30:00 2017-09-26

In this talk, I will consider separable (commutative) monoids in a tensor
triangulated category and show how they pop up in various settings.

In modular representation theory, for instance, restriction to a 
subgroup can be thought of as extension along a separable monoid in 
the (stable or derived) module category. In algebraic geometry, 
separable monoids correspond to \'{e}tale extensions of schemes. But 
separable monoids are nice for various reasons, beyond the analogy with
\'{e}tale topology; they allow for a notion of degree, have splitting ring
extensions, and one can define (quasi)-Galois extensions.