Details of talk

TitleIncompetence in microbial games
PresenterMaria Kleshnina (The University of Queensland)
Author(s)Maria Kleshnina
SessionMathematical Biology
Time13:00:00 2017-09-26

Evolutionary game theory aims to predict whether types of species, or
strategies, may coexist or ultimately become extinct in a long run scenario.
Incompetence, in this context, means players have some probability of making
mistakes when executing their chosen strategy. When incorporated into
evolutionary games, these probabilities perturb the fitness matrix and may
change the outcome of the replicator dynamics. In this talk we introduce
microbial interactions with incompetence and show how this idea may affect
equilibria of the system depending on the environmental conditions. We consider
different types of environments and show how environment and incompetence of
players affect the survival strategy of bacteria.

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