Details of talk

TitleParity restrictions for orthogonal arrays
PresenterSara Herke (The University of Queensland)
Author(s)Sara Herke, Nevena Francetic and Ian Wanless
SessionAlgebra and Discrete Mathematics
Time11:00:00 2017-09-26

One of the biggest open questions in combinatorics is whether or not there
exists a projective plane for non-prime power orders. There is a well-known
correspondence between finite projective planes and orthogonal arrays with the
maximum number of columns.  We present a notion of parity of an orthogonal array
and discuss parity restrictions that give some insight as to why it may be
harder to build projective planes of order $n \equiv 2\mod4$, $n>2$, (which are
widely believed not to exist) compared to other orders.

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