Details of talk

TitleProtecting confidentiality while making data available for research and policy analysis: current trends
PresenterChristine O'Keefe (CSIRO)
Author(s)Dr Christine OKeefe
SessionPlenary Lectures
Time13:30:00 2017-09-25

Government agencies around the world are increasingly seeking to realise the
value inherent in their growing data holdings, by making data available for
research and policy analysis. While care is being taken to protect
confidentiality in such data releases, there have been some high profile events
in which access to some publicly-released data has been terminated due to
re-identifications or risks of re-identification.

In this talk I will outline the evolution of traditional approaches to
balancing use and analysis of data with confidentiality protection. In
particular I will highlight current trends, potential issues, and emerging
approaches to addressing the issues.

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