Details of talk

TitleExamining Authenticated Encryption Proposals
PresenterLeonie Simpson (Queensland University of Technology)
Author(s)Leonie Simpson
SessionCryptography, Coding and Compression
Time11:00:00 2017-09-25

This research examines cryptographic methods for securing communications between
small devices. The transmission of data between devices is often over untrusted
wireless or public networks, which gives rise to security concerns: the
transmitted data may be exposed to the actions of other entities. Cryptographic
algorithms can be used to provide confidentiality for a transmission and also an
authenticator; enabling the recipient to detect modifications to the
transmission. Simultaneously performing both encryption for confidentiality and
computing a message authentication code to provide integrity assurance is known
as authenticated encryption (AE). This has potential to provide these two
security services more efficiently than providing them independently. However,
flaws exist in some current AE proposals.

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