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Details of talk

TitleNetworks and small worlds
PresenterKatherine Anne Seaton (La Trobe University)
Author(s)Dr Katherine Anne Seaton
SessionMathematical Physics and Industrial Mathematics
Time11:00:00 2017-09-25

In 2003 (increasingly pregnant!) I supervised the project of an honours student,
Lisa Hackett, on the then very-new topic of Small World Networks. The paper that
came out of her project has gone on to be my most highly cited - more highly
cited even than work on the Ising model in a magnetic field! In this talk, I
will talk about transport networks and why mathematical physicists have been so
interested in small worlds. Collaboration networks are a another example of the
`six degrees of separation' phenomenon, and I will introduce a project that is
in its earliest stages, looking at where female mathematicians sit within these

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