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Details of talk

TitlePerturbation in replicator equation to study discrete time evolutionary population
PresenterGeetika Verma (University of South Australia)
Author(s)Geetika Verma
SessionAnalysis and Partial Differential Equations
Time14:00:00 2017-09-26

The replicator equation is used to understand the dynamic evolution of
populations in both continuous time and discrete time.  In this talk we consider
a simple model with two species and use the replicator equation to study
discrete time evolution of the population in the presence of small random or
deterministic perturbations to each generation caused either by genetic mutation
or migration.  Our most important observation is that for small perturbations
the model contains two important capture regions that ensure stability of the
iterated map describing the evolution but that for larger perturbations one or
both of these regions may disappear.  Our future research will try to extend our
analysis to more complex models. 

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