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Details of talk

TitlePhysiologically based modelling of sleep and alertness
PresenterSvetlana Postnova (The University of Sydney)
Author(s)Svetlana Postnova
SessionMathematical Biology
Time13:30:00 2017-09-26

Sleep is essential for human health, well-being, and performance. However,
disturbances of sleep due to shiftwork, sleep disorders, and chronic sleep
restriction are very common, affecting up to 45\% of adult Australians. Reduced
alertness is one of the immediate consequences of sleep disturbances associated
with reduced productivity and high risk of accidents both at a workplace and on
the roads. We have developed a physiologically based mathematical model of
sleep-wake cycles to (i) better understand the mechanisms, (ii) enable
prediction of alertness under real-world conditions; e.g. during shiftwork, and
(iii) design interventions to improve alertness and sleep. The model is based on
a neural mass approach simulating the mean electrical activity of neuronal
populations with a set of ordinary differential equations. The model parameters
are constrained by experimental data with some having measurable physiological
counterparts. Results on modelling propensity to sleep, effects of light on
sleep-wake cycles, and alertness dynamics under sleep deprivation and shiftwork
will be presented.  

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