Abstracts for SMMC2022

23 abstracts submitted.

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Adeshina I. Adekunle, Mingmei Teo, August Hao, Gerry Ryan, Nick Golding, Rob Moss and Peter Dawson A new mathematical modelling framework for capturing and forecasting Australia COVID-19 waves: transitioning from Delta wave into Omicron wave.
Contributed Covid-19 pandemic may be
subsiding, but the ...
Andrea L Bertozzi Modeling the Covid-19 Pandemic
Plenary The COVID-19 pandemic
placed epidemic modeling
at ...
Chris drovandi Likelihood-Free Methods and Model Misspecification
Contributed Likelihood-free (LFI)
methods such as
approximate Bayesian ...
David Price Supporting government response to COVID-19 through model-based situational assessment
Plenary A key element of epidemic
decision-making is ...
Emma McBryde The application of mathematics to pandemics: some examples of modelling used during COVID-19
Plenary Mathematical models have
been applied to explain
Iadine Chadès Developing AI Decision Tools for Conservation
Plenary I will give an overview
of the ...
Jordan Pitt and Luke Bennetts Model predictions of wave overwash extent into the marginal ice zone
Contributed Overwash is an important
aspect of the ...
Jukka Corander Robust and scalable inference for simulator-based models
Plenary Simulator-based models
are becoming increasingly
popular in ...
Kei Hirose Penalized likelihood approach in multivariate regression with missing values and its application to materials properties prediction
Plenary In the field of
materials science and ...
Komal Singla Symmetry Analysis and Exact solutions of fractional order (2+1)-dimensional Burgers system
Contributed The exact solutions of
fractional order
(2+1)-dimensional ...
Malay Banerjee Effect of slow-fast time scale on spatio-temporal pattern formation
Contributed Spatiotemporal pattern
formation in interacting
population models ...
Manoj Kumar Analysis of Diffusive Size-Structured Population Model and Optimal Birth Control
Contributed This work addresses the
optimal birth control ...
Matthew Adams, Gloria Monsalvo-Bravo, Sarah Vollert, Imke Botha, Christopher Drovandi Analysis of model sloppiness: what can it do, and what’s next?
Contributed When performing
statistical fitting of
deterministic models ...
Michael Stumpf The Mathematics and Statistics of CellMaps and Whole Cell Modelling
Plenary The recently announced
ARC Centre of Excellence
Natalie Thamwattana Interaction between nanostructures: relation between their atomic distributions and modelling approaches
Plenary Applications of
nanomaterials are found
in many ...
Oliver McLaren Data, Models and Uncertainty: Perspectives and Tools
Plenary Complex mathematical and
simulation models are
central ...
Rahil Valani Dynamics of inertial particle focusing in curved ducts
Contributed Particles suspended in
fluid flow through a ...
Saddam Akber Abbasi (Qatar University), Mohammed Ahmed (Qatar University) and Adegoke Nurudeen (The University of Sydney) Identifying state of the process using ML algorithms
Contributed A process working under
the random cause ...
Sarah Vollert, Chris Drovandi, and Matthew Adams A sequential method for efficiently parameterising ensemble ecosystem models
Contributed Ensemble ecosystem models
are valuable
decision-making tools ...
Shizuo Kaji Modelling preference with hyperplane arrangement
Plenary A person's preference on
a set of ...
soukaina hadiri Somes results on the mixed bifractional brownian motion
Contributed In this work, firstly,
we introduce ...
Ton Viet Ta Fish schooling
Contributed In this talk, we
introduce our
mathematical ...
Yvonne Stokes Chemical signalling and tissue response: a moving boundary problem in biology
Contributed Prior to fertilisation a
mammalian oocyte (egg)