Participants in SMMC2022

Institution name
Assoc Prof Saddam Akber Abbasi Qatar University Identifying state of the process using ML algorithms
Ms Isobel Abell The University of Melbourne
Dr Matthew Adams Queensland University of Technology Analysis of model sloppiness: what can it do, and what’s next?
Dr Adeshina Adekunle Department of Defence A new mathematical modelling framework for capturing and forecasting Australia COVID-19 waves: transitioning from Delta wave into Omicron wave.
Mrs Yalemwork Asmamaw Meku Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
Dr Christopher Baker The University of Melbourne
Prof Malay Banerjee IIT Kanpur Effect of slow-fast time scale on spatio-temporal pattern formation
Miss Sarah Becirevic La Trobe University
Dr Luke Bennetts The University of Adelaide
Prof Andrea L Bertozzi University of California Los Angeles Modeling the Covid-19 Pandemic
Prof Philip Broadbridge La Trobe University
Dr Jim Byrnes Prometheus Inc.
Dr Iadine Chadès CSIRO Developing AI Decision Tools for Conservation
Dr Rebecca Chisholm La Trobe University
Prof Jukka Corander University of Oslo Robust and scalable inference for simulator-based models
Prof Zoubir Dahmani None
Prof Chris Drovandi Queensland University of Technology Likelihood-Free Methods and Model Misspecification
Dr Fermin Franco Medrano Autonomous University of Baja California
Ms Chiemi Furutani Kyushu University
Prof Soukaina Hadiri Université Ibn Zohr Somes results on the mixed bifractional brownian motion
Ms Diana Heatherich La Trobe University
Assoc Prof Kei Hirose Kyushu University Penalized likelihood approach in multivariate regression with missing values and its application to materials properties prediction
Dr Masayo Hirose Kyushu University
Prof Marcel Jackson La Trobe University
Prof Shizuo Kaji Kyushu University Modelling preference with hyperplane arrangement
Prof Kenji Kajiwara Kyushu University
Ms Laura Karantgis La Trobe University
Mr Manoj Kumar Indian Institute of Technology Mandi Analysis of Diffusive Size-Structured Population Model and Optimal Birth Control
Dr Sumito Kurata Kyushu University
Mr Rajiv Lal None
Dr Thao Phuong Le The University of Melbourne
Miss Christina Lin None
Miss Christina Yin-Chieh Lin The University of Auckland
Prof Benoit Liquet None
Dr Emma McBryde The University of Melbourne The application of mathematics to pandemics: some examples of modelling used during COVID-19
Prof Oliver McLaren The University of Auckland Data, Models and Uncertainty: Perspectives and Tools
Dr Joel Miller La Trobe University
Mr Melkamu Molla Fered Pan African University Institute for Basic Science, Technology and Innovation (PAUSTI)
Mr David Morselli None
Mr Connor Murtagh RMIT University
Miss Fatiha Najm None
Dr David Omale None
Dr Jordan Pitt The University of Adelaide Model predictions of wave overwash extent into the marginal ice zone
Prof Konrad Polthier None
Prof Luke Prendergast La Trobe University
Dr David Price The University of Melbourne Supporting government response to COVID-19 through model-based situational assessment
Dr Melanie Roberts None
Prof Osamu Saeki Kyushu University
Prof Wil Schilders None
Dr Komal Singla Chandigarh University Symmetry Analysis and Exact solutions of fractional order (2+1)-dimensional Burgers system
Dr Anja Slim Monash University
Prof Yvonne Stokes The University of Adelaide Chemical signalling and tissue response: a moving boundary problem in biology
Prof Michael Stumpf The University of Melbourne The Mathematics and Statistics of CellMaps and Whole Cell Modelling
Assoc Prof Ton Viet Ta Kyushu University Fish schooling
Dr Stephen Taylor The University of Auckland
Prof Natalie Thamwattana The University of Newcastle Interaction between nanostructures: relation between their atomic distributions and modelling approaches
Ms Mika Tomonaga Kyushu University
Dr Rahil Valani The University of Adelaide Dynamics of inertial particle focusing in curved ducts
Ms Sarah Vollert Queensland University of Technology A sequential method for efficiently parameterising ensemble ecosystem models
Dr Peter Vouzas Australian National University
Mr Bharat Raj Wagle Kathmandu University
Mr Sean Walsh The University of Melbourne
Dr Simon Watt UNSW Canberra
Ms Adriana Zanca The University of Melbourne