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Participants in 60th Annual AustMS Meeting

Participant Institution Talks
Dr Tarig Abdelgadir University of New South Wales Tensor McKay Correspondence
Mr KO ABE Chuo University
Mr Mahdi Abolghasemi The University of Newcastle An Integrated Stochastic-Statistical Model for Demand Forecasting in Supply Chain
Mr Ramon Abud Alcala Macquarie University Skew Monoidales and Oplax Actions
Dr Zahra Afsar The University of Sydney Equilibrium states for right LCM semigroup $C^*$-algebras, part II
Dr Seyedeh Narjess Afzaly Australian National University Tur\'{a}n Numbers for Cycles
Mrs Shaymaa Shawkat Kadhim Al-shakarchi University of New South Wales
Dr Amie Albrecht University of South Australia
Mrs Aya Alwan Macquarie University Optimizing of dynamic toll-pricing schemes, using simulation
Dr Robert Scott Anderssen CSIRO Recovering information about the rheology of grain hardness
Prof Ben Andrews Australian National University
Dr Vigleik Angeltveit Australian National University The Norm map in Algebra and Topology
Assoc Prof Tomoyuki Arakawa Kyoto University Moore-Tachikawa conjecture and chiral algebras of class S
Miss Becky Armstrong The University of Sydney
Dr Azam Asanjarani AMSI/University of Melbourne The Role of Information in System Stability with Partially Observable Servers
Mrs Sarah Ruth Axtens Australian National University
Dr Adil Bagirov Federation University Australia Nonsmooth DC programming: methods and applications
Mr Julian Bailey Australian National University Hardy-Littlewood Adapted to the Harmonic Oscillator.
Mx Sanjeeva Balasuriya The University of Adelaide Unsteadily manipulating internal flow barriers
Mr Pouya Baniasadi Flinders University
Prof Andrew David Barbour Universitaet Zuerich Multivariate approximation in total variation using local dependence
Prof Michael Barnsley Australian National University
Prof Murray Thomas Batchelor The story of free parafermions
Prof Nigel Bean The University of Adelaide
Dr Yann Bernard Monash University
Dr Brigid Betz-Stablein University of New South Wales
Mr Abhishek Bhardwaj Australian National University
Ms Sangeeta Bhatia University of Western Sydney
Dr Bea Bleile University of New England Poincar\'e Duality Complexes with Highly Connected Universal Covers
Dr Imre Bokor University of New England
Mr Gary Bosnjak Australian National University Construction of R-Matrices related to sl(n)
Dr John Bourke Macquarie University Nervous monads
Prof Peter Bouwknegt Australian National University
Ms Elizabeth Bradford University of South Australia A numerical look at the inversion of linear matrix pencils
Mr Sam Brilleman Monash University
Prof Philip Broadbridge La Trobe University Curvature-driven 4th-order diffusion from non-invariant grain boundaries.
Dr Philip Brooker Absolutely convex sets of large Szlenk index (or: what happens when the norm and weak* topologies are very different).
Dr Nathan Brownlowe The University of Sydney Equilibrium states for right LCM semigroup C*-algebras, part I
Mr Mark Bugden Australian National University It's T-duality, but not as we know it
Assoc Prof Regina Burachik University of South Australia Zero duality gap for a dynamically updated sequence of Lagrangians for nonsmooth and nonconvex optimization
Prof Keith Burns Northwestern University Unique equilibrium states for geodesic flows in nonpositive curvature
Mr Simon Burton The University of Sydney
Mr Timothy Buttsworth The University of Queensland The Prescribed Ricci Curvature Problem on Three-Dimensional Unimodular Lie Groups
Mr Timothy Peter Bywaters The University of Sydney The scale function and groups acting on trees with almost prescribed local action.
Dr Alexander Campbell Macquarie University A higher categorical approach to Giraud's non-abelian cohomology
Mr Anthony Carapetis Australian National University A geometric flow for diffeomorphisms of the torus
Mr Sean Carnaffan The University of Sydney An unbiased Monte Carlo estimation scheme for densities of anomalous diffusion processes
Mr Alex Casella The University of Sydney Exploring the Poisson Structure of Fock and Goncharov's Moduli Space for Convex Projective Structure.
Ms Kirsty Anne Chalker Australian National University Bounding a sum involving the M\"{o}bius function
Ms Sophie Chen Australian National University
Mr Joshua Ching The University of Sydney Uniform gradient estimates for a general class of elliptic equations
Prof Jaigyoung Choe A dichotomy in manifolds of nonnegative Ricci curvarture
Prof YoungJu Choie POSTECH
Dr Kieran Clancy Flinders University An efficient graph simplification algorithm for the Hamiltonian Cycle Problem
Dr Julie Clutterbuck Monash University
Dr Andrea Collevecchio Monash University Once reinforced biased random walks
Mr Brendan Cooney RMIT University
Dr Michael Coons The University of Newcastle
Assoc Prof Adelle Coster University of New South Wales Mathematical modelling of insulin signalling: dissecting structure and scale
Miss Jaklyn Crilly Australian National University
Assoc Prof Barry Francis William Croke Australian National University
Mr Michael Carrington Cromer Australian National University Free Field Realisations of Logarithmic Conformal Field Theories
Mr Robert Hendrik Scott Culling Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute
Ms Michaela Cully-Hugill University of New South Wales Canberra
Miss Ruixian Dai Australian National University
Mr Zanbing Dai Australian National University
Miss Giulia dal Verme The University of Sydney
Dr Zsuzsanna Dancso The University of Sydney Knot theory as a tool in algebra
Prof Jan De Gier The University of Melbourne
Mr Raveen Daminda de Silva University of New South Wales
Dr Reinier Diaz Millan Federal Institute of Goiás Two algorithms for solving systems of operator inclusion problems.
Dr Weiwei Ding University of New England Spreading in space-time periodic media governed by a monostable equation with free boundaries
Dr Serena Dipierro The University of Melbourne Boundary behavior of nonlocal minimal surface
Prof Diane Donovan The University of Queensland On the number of additive permutations and Skolem-type sequences
Dr Ian Doust University of New South Wales Operational calculus from hypergroups
Dr Davor Dragicevic University of New South Wales Spectral characterization of nonuniform hyperbolicity
Prof William Dunsmuir University of New South Wales
Prof Xuan Duong Macquarie University
Mr Thomas Dyer University of Wollongong Wrinkle Structures formed during Graphene Growth
Dr James East Western Sydney University Congruence lattices in diagram monoids
Prof Andrew Craig Eberhard Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Computing high-quality Lagrangian bounds of the stochastic mixed-integer programming problem
Mr Cain James Edie-Michell Australian National University Invertible Bimodules over the ADE Fusion Categories
Dr Vladimir Ejov Flinders University Using the Resistance-distance Matrix to Solve Hamiltonian Cycle Problem
Mr Lishan Fang Australian National University
Dr Michael Feischl University of New South Wales Fast generation of random fields with H-matrices
Dr Michal Ferov University of Technology, Sydney Separating cyclic subgroups in graph products of groups
Prof Lilia Ferrario Australian National University
Mr Nicholas Fewster-Young University of South Australia
Prof Peter Forrester The University of Melbourne Invariant measures, volumes and random lattices
Mr Matt Frazier Australian National University
Prof Gary Froyland University of New South Wales Optimal mixing enhancement
Dr Thomas Fung Macquarie University
Prof Vladimir Gaitsgory Macquarie University Linear Programming Formulations of Deterministic Infinite Horizon Optimal Control Problems in Discrete Time
Mr Masoud Ganji University of New England
Dr Alexandr Garbali The University of Melbourne Symmetric polynomials and $U_q(A_n)$ algebra
Dr Winston Garira University of Venda
Assoc Prof Timothy Garoni Monash University Critical speeding-up in percolation
Dr Carina Geldhauser Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics, Berlin The $L^2$ gradient flow of the double well potential
Dr Jesse Gell-Redman AMSI/University of Melbourne Non-elliptic Fredholm operators
Mr Alex Gerhardt-Bourke Department of Defence
Dr Alexandru Ghitza The University of Melbourne Differential operators on automorphic forms
Mr Alexander Gilbert University of New South Wales Applying quasi-Monte Carlo integration to a parametrised elliptic eigenproblem
Mr Gurtek Singh Gill University of New South Wales A Semi-Markov Algorithm for Continuous Time Random Walk Limit Distributions
Prof Michael Giudici The University of Western Australia Semiprimitive groups
Dr Wolfgang Globke University of Vienna \'Etale representations for reductive algebraic groups
Prof Miguel Goberna University of Alicante Stability in linear optimization: Recent developments
Mr Yoong Kuan Goh University of Technology, Sydney Solving free group equations on a computer
Mr Sean Gomes Australian National University
Dr Cecilia Gonzalez-Tokman The University of Queensland Limit theorems for non-autonomous piecewise expanding dynamical systems
Prof Georg Gottwald The University of Sydney Stochastic parameterizations of deterministic dynamical systems: Theory, applications and challenges
Prof Rod Gover University of Auckland $\mathbb C$-Projective Compactification; (quasi--)Kaehler Metrics and CR boundaries
Mrs Charles Gray La Trobe University
Dr Bill Gross University of Wollongong
Prof Joseph Grotowski The University of Queensland
Mr Hao Guo The University of Adelaide A Poincar\'e Duality in K-Theory
Dr Max Gurevich Weizmann Institute of Science Decomposition rules in type A
Prof Tony Guttmann The University of Melbourne
Prof Christian Haesemeyer The University of Melbourne On the K-theory of monoid algebras
Dr Joanne Hall Queensland University of Technology Constructing commutative semifields of square order
Dr Lucy Ham La Trobe University Mind the gap
Dr Andy Hammerlindl Monash University Compact Center Stable Manifolds
Dr Robert C Haraway The University of Sydney Exceptional Dehn fillings
Dr Adam Harris University of New England Stable Embedding of Normal Surface Deformations
Mr Joseph Lizner Weston Harrison The University of Newcastle Geometry of Rational Matrix Groups
Dr David Hartley University of Wollongong Laplace Operators with Eigenfunctions whose Nodal Set is a Knot
Prof Andrew Hassell Australian National University Heat kernel estimates on asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds
Dr Daniel Hauer The University of Sydney Non-concavity of Robin eigenfunctions
Dr Stuart Hawkins Macquarie University A numerically stable computational framework for the T-matrix
Dr Michael Haythorpe Flinders University The FHCP Challenge: Towards a Benchmark Set for Hamiltonian Cycle Problem
Prof Roozbeh Hazrat Western Sydney University Weighted Leavitt path algebras
Prof Markus Hegland Australian National University
Prof Anthony Henderson The University of Sydney Sylow subgroups and reflection subgroups of real reflection groups
Mr Michael Hendriksen University of Western Sydney Behind Every Great Tree is a Great (Phylogenetic) Network
Prof Bruce Henry University of New South Wales The mathematics of subdiffusion with reactions and forces.
Dr John David Henstridge Data Analysis Australia Pty Ltd
Prof James Murray Hill University of South Australia
Dr Peter Hochs The University of Adelaide Algebraic K-theory and a semi-finite Fuglede-Kadison determinant
Mr Liam Hodgkinson University of Queensland Approximations for Large-Scale Occupancy Processes in Discrete Time
Dr Craig Hodgson The University of Melbourne Hyperbolic volume and scissors congruence
Ms Alexandra Hogan Australian National University Potential impact of a maternal vaccine for RSV: a mathematical modelling study
Dr Mark Holmes University of Auckland WARM clocks
Dr Algy Howe Australian National University
Assoc Prof Shenglong Hu Tianjin University Convergence study of BSVMM for rank one approximation to tensors
Miss Morgan Hunter Australian National University The least square-free primitive root modulo a prime.
Ms Adele Jackson Australian National University
Mr Clive Jackson Victorian Government
Dr Deborah Jackson La Trobe University Implementing a multi-modal, cross-disciplinary mathematics support program for the Sciences and the Health Sciences
Dr Marcel Jackson La Trobe University All or nothing
Dr Alex James University of Canterbury What do spider monkeys, Peruvian fishing boats and sulking albatross have in common?
Dr Tamiru Jarso Department of Defence
Dr Peter David Jarvis University of Tasmania Plethystic vertex operators and boson-fermion correspondences.
Ms Adrianne Jenner The University of Sydney Can maths cure cancer? Data driven model creation to optimise therapies
Dr Iwan Jensen Flinders University Three friendly walkers
Prof Vaithilingam (Jeya) Jeyakumar University of New South Wales Globally Solving Polynomial Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints
Dr Feida Jiang Nanjing University of Science and Technology Oblique derivative problems for augmented Hessian equations
Mr Danesh Jogia Department of Defence
Dr Zlatko Jovanoski University of New South Wales Canberra A stochastic model for ecosystem engineers
Assoc Prof Paul Kabaila La Trobe University
Dr Masoud Kamgarpour University of Queensland Gukov-Witten Conjecture and the Kazhdan-Lusztig Map
Dr Jessica Kasza Monash University
Dr Yalcin Kaya University of South Australia Optimal Control with Minimum Total Variation
Prof Matthew Kennedy University of Waterloo Operator algebras and group theory
Mr Alexander Ferdinand Kerschl The University of Sydney On graded Specht modules
Dr Ramzan Nazim Khan The University of Western Australia
Dr Tran Vu Khanh University of Wollongong On the lower bound of the Kobayashi metric and its applications
Mr Alexander Khor The University of Western Australia Constructing complex networks from time series - how and why
Miss Maria Kleshnina The University of Queensland
Dr Laura Kocoska RMIT University RMIT Maths Ready Program
Assoc Prof Jonathan Kress University of New South Wales Improving mathematical communication skills with individualised peer assessed asignments
Mrs Thilini Dulanjali Kularatne Macquarie University A Cross-Entropy method for optimal stopping problems
Assoc Prof Frances Y. Kuo University of New South Wales
Mr Eric Kwok University of New South Wales Approximating the weighted Laplace-Beltrami operator using randomly distributed data
Prof Stephen Lack Macquarie University Hochschild homology, lax codescent, and duplicial structure
Dr Bishnu Lamichhane The University of Newcastle A new stabilization technique for the nonconforming Crouzeix-Raviart element applied to linear elasticity
Dr Mathew Langford Freie Universität Berlin Type-II singularities in two-convex mean curvature flow
Mr Thomas Joseph Lawrence The University of Western Australia
Mr Jeffrey Lay Australian National University The maximal order of an element in the symmetric group
Mr Nguyen Thanh Tung Le Monash University A generalisation of Kauffman's clock theorem
Dr Quoc Thong Le Gia University of New South Wales Bayesian estimations in partial differential equations with random coefficients
Mr Geoff Lee None
Mr Yitao Lei Mathematical Sciences Institute
Mrs Galina Levitina University of New South Wales The principal trace formula and its applications to index theory, spectral shift function and spectral flow
Assoc Prof Guoyin Li University of New South Wales Error Bounds for Parametric Polynomial Systems with Applications to Higher-Order Stability Analysis and Convergence Rate
Mx Huanhuan Li University of Western Sydney The injective Leavitt complex
Dr Ji Li Macquarie University Riesz transform characterization of Hardy space and applications
Dr Jin Li Geoscience Australia
Assoc Prof Anthony Licata Australian National University Graphical calculus and the combinatorics of symmetric functions
Dr Joan Licata Australian National University Front Projections
Ms Jessica Liebig CSIRO Fast extraction of the backbone of projected bipartite networks
Mr Scott Lindstrom The University of Newcastle Dynamics of the Douglas-Rachford Method for Ellipses and $p$-Spheres
Dr Jiakun Liu University of Wollongong A Schauder estimate for stochastic PDEs
Ms Tianshu Liu The University of Melbourne Towards N=2 minimal models
Prof Birgit Loch La Trobe University The mathematics-specific learning and teaching professional development unit
Assoc Prof Gregoire Loeper Monash University Geometric interpretation of the Ma Trudinger Wang (aka MTW) condition
Dr Issam Louhichi American University of Sharjah On the commutativity of Toeplitz operators on the Bergman space
Prof John Loxton University of Western Sydney
Dr Inna Lukyanenko The University of Melbourne
Dr Fu Ken Ly The University of Sydney T1 criteria for generalized Calder\'on--Zygmund type operators associated with Schr\"odinger operators
Dr Tammy Lynch Massey University Modelling fermentation processes in the rumen
Dr Shev MacNamara University of Technology, Sydney Statistics of some stochastic processes
Dr Robert Maillardet The University of Melbourne
Prof Ross Maller Australian National University Generalised Poisson-Dirichlet Distributions and the Negative Binomial Point Process
Mr Michael Arthur Mampusti University of Wollongong KMS states on C*-algebras associated to Mauldin-Williams graphs
Dr Vladimir Mangazeev Australian National University Stochastic R matrix for $U_q(A_n)$
Dr Christine Mangelsdorf The University of Melbourne
Prof Timothy Marchant University of Wollongong
Dr Clément Maria The University of Queensland Easy Instances in Computational Topology
Dr Kamgarpour Masoud The University of Queensland
Dr Maike Massierer University of New South Wales Improvements to point counting on genus two hyperelliptic curves
Dr Daniel Mathews Monash University Strands Algebras and Contact Categories
Dr Anthony Mays The University of Melbourne Corrections to spacing distributions of circular ensembles and Riemann zeroes
Prof Jose M. Mazon Universitat de Valencia The Euler--Lagrange Equation for the Anisopropic Least Gradient problem
Dr Nick McConnell Defence Science and Technology Organisation
Assoc Prof James McCoy The University of Newcastle
Dr Robert McDougall University of the Sunshine Coast
Miss Anna McGann University of New South Wales Anomalous Diffusion on a Growing Domain
Prof Brendan Damien McKay Australian National University Advances in graph generation
Assoc Prof William McLean University of New South Wales Finite element approximation of a fractional Fokker-Planck equation
Dr Peter McNamara The University of Melbourne Categorification at a Root of Unity
Mr Abhinav Mehta Australian National University
Miss Fanzi Meng Australian National University
Prof Kerrie Mengersen Queensland University of Technology
Mr Mujo Mesanovic American University of Sharjah Impact of TI-Nspire toward instructors’ teaching and students’ learning in statistics classes
Ms Stephanie Mills University of South Australia Doubling, dyadic doubling and triadic doubling weight functions
Mr Jack Murdoch Moore The University of Western Australia Information theory guiding local projective noise reduction
Dr Ross Moore Macquarie University
Mrs Anne Moreau LMA of Poitiers Satellites of spherical subgroups and stringy E-functions
Dr Margarita Moreno-Betancur Murdoch Childrens Research Institute
Dr Anthony Morphett The University of Melbourne Biomedicine student perceptions of the role and relevance of mathematics
Assoc Prof Scott Morrison Australian National University Categories enriched in braided tensor categories
Ms Anna Munday Data Analysis Australia Pty Ltd
Mr Alexander Mundey University of Wollongong
Prof Mary Myerscough The University of Sydney A basic model for smooth muscle cell migration and collagen cap formation in atherosclerotic plaques
Mr Vinoth Nandakumar The University of Sydney Modular representations with two-block nilpotent central characters in type A
Assoc Prof Mark Nelson University of Wollongong Snacking on sludge
Prof Andre Neves Imperial College London Weyl law for the Volume Spectrum
Dr Garry Newsam The University of Adelaide Radar Imaging of Helicopter Rotors using Lasso on a Continuum
Dr Giang Nguyen The University of Adelaide A numerical framework for computing the limiting distribution of a stochastic fluid-fluid
Ms Trang Nguyen University of South Australia Generalisations of H. Martin Reimann’s Theorems: Quasiconformal Mappings, Functions of Bounded Mean Oscillation and Spaces of Homogeneous Type
Mr Branko Nikolic Macquarie University Strictification tensor product of 2-categories
Mr Daniel Nix Australian National University
Prof Paul Norbury The University of Melbourne
Dr Dirk Nuyens KU Leuven Applying QMC to high-dimensional integration in a Bayesian inversion application
Ms Chaitanya Oehmigara Australian National University Fast and Accurate Predictions of Gravitational Waveforms using Surrogate Modelling
Dr Andriy Olenko La Trobe University Aliasing-truncation Errors in Sampling Approximations of Sub-Gaussian Processes
Dr Todd Oliynyk Monash University
Dr Judy-anne Osborn The University of Newcastle Indigenisation of the Maths Curriculum?
Dr Alessandro Ottazzi University of New South Wales Homogeneous metric spaces that are isometric
Mr Alex Parkinson Macquarie University
Dr Richard Mark Pennifold Department of Defence
Dr William Erik Pettersson University of Glasgow The parameterized complexity of finding a 2-sphere in a simplicial complex
Mr Brian Phillips Swinburne University of Technology
Dr Collin Grant Phillips The University of Sydney Improving Representations of Mathematical Modelling from Research to Learning and Teaching
Mr Jordan Pitt Australian National University Undular Bores of the Serre Equations.
Miss Olivia Pointon Australian National University
Dr Julia Polak Monash University
Dr Anita Ponsaing The University of Melbourne Boundary loop entropy in the Temperley--Lieb loop model
Ms Gordana Popovic University of New South Wales
Dr Pierre Portal Australian National University
Prof Cheryl Praeger The University of Western Australia Generalisations and twists of Paley graphs
Ms Jana Rebecca Curtis Pretorius Australian National University
Dr Christopher John Price University of Canterbury Stochastic filter methods for global optimization
Dr Peter F Price Defence Science and Technology Group
Prof Geoffrey Prince Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute Magnetic fields and Lagrangian ambiguity for the Hydrogen atom.
Dr Artem Pulemotov The University of Queensland The Ricci iteration on homogeneous spaces
Assoc Prof Jessica Purcell Monash University Limits of knots
Mr David Quarel Australian National University Wu's constant and applications to the Goldbach conjecture
Dr Thomas Quella The University of Melbourne Infinite matrix product states for quantum spin chains
Dr Rachael Quill The University of Adelaide
Dr Azizur Rahman Charles Sturt University
Mr Tertius Ralph The University of Auckland
Dr Arun Ram The University of Melbourne
Prof Kavita Ramanan Brown University Tails of Random Projections
Mrs Marie-Louise Rankin
Assoc Prof Asha Rao Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Ranking the Importance Level of Intermediaries to a Criminal
Mrs Nishanthi Raveendran Macquarie University Spatial clustering via binary segmentation
Mr Rommel Real Australian National University
Dr Adam Rennie University of Wollongong Poincare duality for dynamical operator algebras
Dr David Ridout The University of Melbourne Schur-Weyl duality for Heisenberg cosets
Prof John Roberts University of New South Wales Polynomial degree growth in integrable lattice equations and their reductions
Dr Melanie Roberts IBM Research Australia Understanding personalised risk to bushfires through the mathematical modelling of potential ember load.
Dr Stephen Roberts Australian National University High Dimensional Density Estimation With Sparse Grids
Dr Tony Roberts University of Queensland
Dr Vanessa Robins Australian National University Persistent homology analysis of x-ray micro-CT images of porous and granular materials
Mr Kyle Rosa The University of Western Australia Invariable Generation of Finite Permutation Groups
Dr Arnab Saha Australian National University $\delta$-characters of Drinfeld Modules and De Rham Cohomology
Dr Agus SALIM La Trobe University
Dr James Saunderson Monash University Semidefinite approximations of the matrix logarithm
Dr Janice Scealy Australian National University
Mr Thomas Scheckter University of New South Wales
Ms Tanja Schindler Australian National University Generalized strong law of large numbers for intermediately trimmed sums
Prof Gerd Schmalz University of New England Rigid spheres in higher dimensions and associated K\"ahler potentials
Dr Katherine Anne Seaton La Trobe University The mathematics-specific learning and teaching professional development unit
Mr Lynn Seo Australian National University Dimension reduction and model sensitivity analysis using active subspaces
Dr Min Sha Macquarie University Exceptional units in residue class rings of global fields
Mr Nirav Arunkumar Shah The University of Queensland Regularity in the critical dimension
Assoc Prof Jason Sharples UNSW Canberra Modelling the dynamic evolution of wildfires using pyrogenic potential flow
Dr Doug Shaw
Mr David Stewart Shellard Australian National University
Ms Devika Shylaja Monash University Gradient schemes for optimal control problems
Prof Harvinder Sidhu University of New South Wales My tale of two flames – bi-stability in travelling flame fronts
Dr Leesa Sidhu University of New South Wales Canberra Little Penguin banding: Not all that it’s cracked up to be
Prof Morris Sidney La Trobe University
Dr Adam Sierakowski University of Wollongong The general linear group as a complete invariant for C*-algebras
Dr Adam Sikora Macquarie University Bochner-Riesz profile of anharmonic oscillator
Dr Jamie Simpson None The Union-closed Sets Conjecture
Prof Aidan Sims University of Wollongong The Brown-Green-Rieffel Theorem for groupoids
Mr Shonal Singh The University of Sydney Space of Initial Values of a fourth order Painlev\'e Type Equation
Mr Steve Siu AMSI/University of Melbourne Minimal models of the W3 Algebra
Mr Matthew Paul Skerritt The University of Newcastle On the Extension of the PSLQ Algorithm to Algebraic Integers
Dr Geoffrey Smith None
Prof Paul Smith Macquarie University
Prof Kate Smith-Miles The University of Melbourne
Dr David Smyth Australian National University
Prof Terry Speed Walter and Eliza Hall Institute The life and work of Peter Gavin Hall
Dr Peter Stacey La Trobe University Issues in the classification of real C*-algebras
Dr Tim Stokes University of Waikato Constellations: re-thinking composition of functions
Mr Srinivasa Rao Subramanya Rao Australian National University
Mr Xifu Sun Australian National University
Dr Nicole Sutherland The University of Sydney Efficient Computation of Maximal orders of Cyclic Extensions of Global Function Fields
Dr Melissa Tacy University of Otago Equidistribution of random waves on shrinking balls
Mr Dominic Tate The University of Sydney Bounded Functions on the Flip Graph of a Strictly Convex Projective Surface
Mr Christopher Taylor La Trobe University Expansions of dually pseudocomplemented Heyting algebras
Prof Peter Gerrard Taylor The University of Melbourne Scale Matrices for Matrix-Analytic Models
Dr Guo Chuan Thiang The University of Adelaide Mathematics of topological semimetals
Dr Anne Thomas The University of Sydney Abstract commensurability of certain Coxeter groups and amalgams of free groups
Ms Jan Thomas Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute
Mr Benjamin Thompson Australian National University
Dr Bevan Thompson The University of Queensland
Miss Lauren Thornton University of the Sunshine Coast On Finite Base Radical Theory
Mr Ilija Tolich University of Otago HNN-extensions of quasi-lattice ordered groups
Dr Isaac Towers University of New South Wales An N-player Trust game: comparison of replicator and logit dynamics
Dr Timothy Trudgian UNSW Canberra Sums of squares and powers of 2
Prof Neil Trudinger Australian National University
Dr Tuyen Truong The University of Adelaide Dynamical degrees, Weil's Riemann hypothesis and the Fundamental Conjecture D
Dr Ilknur Tulunay University of Technology, Sydney
Mr Michael Twiton The University of Sydney Does the fourth Painlev\'e equation have analytic solutions on the real line?
Prof John Urbas Australian National University
Prof Enrico Valdinoci The University of Melbourne Quantitative results for nonlocal minimal surfaces
Dr Roland Van der Veen Leiden University Polynomial time knot theory
Dr Petrus van Heijster Queensland University of Technology A geometric approach to stationary defect solutions in one space dimension
Mr Daniel Willem van Wyk University of Otago Classifying Type I groupoid C*-algebras
Mr Volodymyr Vaskovych La Trobe University On rate of convergence in non-central limit theorems
Dr Peter Vassiliou Australian National University An inverse problem in geometric control theory
Mr Ivo De Los Santos Vekemans Australian National University
Dr Geetika Verma University of South Australia A recursive algorithm for inversion of linear operator pencils on Hilbert space
Prof Kari Vilonen The University of Melbourne Springer Theory and Algebraic Geometry
Dr Damjan Vukcevic The University of Melbourne
Mr Max Wakefield Australian National University
Dr Hang Wang The University of Adelaide Fixed-point theorem and character formula
Miss JUN WANG Australian National University
Mr Kevin Wang
Dr Yu Guang Wang La Trobe University
Assoc Prof Lesley Ward University of South Australia Harmonic Analysis on Spaces of Homogeneous Type
Prof Ole Warnaar The University of Queensland
Dr David Iain Warton University of New South Wales
Dr Edward Waters University of Notre Dame Environmental epidemiology: mathematical models of trophic interactions and abiotic factors contributing to waterborne disease
Mr Sam Weatherhog The University of Queensland A simpler proof of the Levelt-Turrittin Decomposition
Dr Glen Wheeler University of Wollongong Curve diffusion and straightening flows on parallel lines in the plane
Ms Valentina-Mira Wheeler University of Wollongong
Dr Aaron Wiegand University of the Sunshine Coast
Prof George Willis The University of Newcastle Extending Margulis' Normal Subgroup Theorem to Commensurated Subgroups
Ms Sinead Wilson The University of Queensland
Dr Thomas Wong The University of Melbourne Enumeration Problems in Directed Walk Models
Prof Leigh Wood Macquarie University Task design in undergraduate mathematics
Dr Nicholas Wormald Monash University Asymptotic enumeration of graphs / the degree sequence of a random graph
Mr Kyle Wright Australian National University Generalized Sasakian structures
Dr Haotian Wu The University of Sydney Dynamical stability of algebraic Ricci solitons
Mr Binzhou Xia The University of Western Australia Vertex-primitive s-arc-transitive digraphs
Mr Jon Xu The University of Melbourne The Thickness of Schubert Cells
Ms Yian Xu The University of Western Australia Normal and Non-normal Cayley graphs of non-prime power order
Dr Ting Xue The University of Melbourne
Dr Oded Yacobi The University of Sydney On reducedness of slices in the affine Grassmannian
Mr Kam Hung Yau University of New South Wales
Dr Mei Yin University of Denver A detailed investigation into (generalized) exponential random graphs
Dr David Yost Federation University Australia Lower bound results for general polytopes
Ms Sally Zanic The University of Melbourne
Mr Erchuan Zhang The University of Western Australia
Mr Yanbai Zhang Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute
Dr Yinan Zhang Australian National University Valuations of $p$-adic regulators of cubic cyclic fields
Dr Zhou Zhang The University of Sydney Kahler-Ricci Flow and Complex Monge-Ampere Equation
Miss elke zhao Australian National University
Dr Maolin Zhou University of New England
Mr Yuancheng Zhou Australian National University
Prof Song-Ping Zhu University of Wollongong A new integral equation formulation for pricing American put options
Assoc Prof Ilze Ziedins The University of Auckland
Dr Ana Zumalacarregui University of New South Wales Sums of inverses in thin sets on finite fields