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Participants in 61st Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society

Participant Institution Talks
Dr Zahra Afsar The University of Sydney KMS states on the $C^*$-algebras of Fell bundles over groupoids
Mrs Shaymaa Shawkat Kadhim Al-shakarchi University of New South Wales Isomorphisms of $\mathit{AC}(\sigma)$ spaces
Dr Amie Albrecht University of South Australia The two-train separation problem on non-level track
Ms Elizabeth Alford Department of Defence
Mrs Huda Alrashdi The University of Sydney
Prof Maia Nikolova Angelova Deakin University Mathematical model of glucose--insulin regulation with diabetically impaired ultradian oscillations
Mr Fadi Antown University of New South Wales Optimal linear response for Markov chains
Dr Robyn Patrice Araujo Queensland University of Technology The simple complexity of robust networks
Miss Becky Armstrong The University of Sydney Twisted $C^*$-algebras of topological higher-rank graphs: keeping things simple!
Ms Lyn Armstrong Western Sydney University From where do our students come?
Dr Azam Asanjarani AMSI/University of Melbourne Bursty Markovian arrival processes
Dr Michael Assis The University of Newcastle Exactly-solved origami statistical mechanics
Assoc Prof Dzmitry Badziahin The University of Sydney $p$-adic Littlewood conjecture: what can potential counter-examples look like?
Miss Ayreena Bakhtawar La Trobe University
Mx Sanjeeva Balasuriya The University of Adelaide Stochastic sensitivity: a computable measure for uncertainty of deterministic trajectories
Dr John Banks The University of Melbourne The {\it Register!} conference registration system
Ms Naomi Barber Northern Beaches Christian School
Assoc Prof Michael Batanin Macquarie University $E_3$-algebra structure on the Davydov--Yetter deformation complex
Prof Nigel Bean The University of Adelaide
Mx Kimberly Becker The University of Adelaide
Mr Theo Bendit The University of Newcastle
Prof Georgia Benkart University of Wisconsin-Madison Walking on graphs to Invariant Theory
Dr Zdravko Botev University of New South Wales Sampling via regenerative chain Monte Carlo
Dr John Bourke Macquarie University Braidings for skew monoidal categories
Ms Elizabeth Bradford University of South Australia Recursive algorithms for inversion of linear operator pencils
Assoc Prof David Brander Technical University of Denmark Cauchy problems for surfaces related to harmonic maps
Prof Richard P Brent Australian National University
Mr Kevin Aguyar Brix University of Copenhagen Investigating symbolic dynamics using C*-algebras
Prof Philip Broadbridge La Trobe University Non-classical symmetry solution of nonlinear reaction--diffusion: soil--water with plant roots
Dr Nathan Brownlowe The University of Sydney On Baumslag--Solitar monoids and their $C^*$-algebras
Mr Paul Bryan The University of Queensland Distance comparison for curve shortening of networks
Dr Anh Bui Macquarie University On the flows associated to self-adjoint operators on metric measure spaces
Miss Aarchana Bulathsinghala Macquarie University
Dr Jesse Burke Australian National University Transferring $A$-infinity structures along quasi-isomorphisms
Dr Alexander Campbell Macquarie University Enriched algebraic weak factorisation systems
Prof John Cannon The University of Sydney Fact-checking the ATLAS of Finite Groups
Dr Emma Carberry The University of Sydney Toroidal soap bubbles: constant mean curvature tori in $\mathbb{S}^3$ and $\mathbb{R}^3$
Mx Jean-Jerome Casanova Monash University Fluid structure system with boundary conditions involving the pressure
Mr Alex Casella The University of Sydney Representations of fibered $3$-manifolds using flags
Mx Yi-Lung Chen University of New South Wales
Ms Zeying Chen AMSI/University of Melbourne Duality in mASEP and tKZ equation
Mr Hanz Martin Cheng Monash University Convergence analysis of a family of ELLAM schemes for a fully coupled model of miscible displacement in porous media
Prof YoungJu Choie POSTECH A vital role of automorphic forms in number theory
Mr Petru A. Cioica-Licht University of Otago Stochastic integration in quasi-Banach spaces
Dr Kieran Clancy Flinders University Extending a linear programming formulation for TSP
Dr Samantha Clarke The University of Sydney
Mrs Adelle Colbourn University of Western Sydney
Dr Andrea Collevecchio Monash University The branching-ruin number and the critical parameter of once-reinforced random walk on trees
Prof Ivan Corwin Columbia University Integrable probability
Assoc Prof Adelle Coster University of New South Wales
Dr Kevin Coulembier The University of Sydney Auslander--Dlab--Ringel algebras and Ringel duality
Mr Don Coutts Canberra Institute of Technology
Prof Michael Cowling University of New South Wales Analysis on product spaces
Mr Harry Crimmins University of New South Wales Stability of Statistical Properties for some Dynamical Systems
Mx Bojan Crnkovic University of Rijeka Lattice structure detection and refinement DMD algorithm
Mx Diarmuid Crowley The University of Melbourne The topological period–index conjecture for almost complex 6-manifolds
Dr Zsuzsanna Dancso The University of Sydney
Dr Daniel Daners The University of Sydney Global dynamics of generalized logistic equations
Dr Minh N. Dao The University of Newcastle On the generalized Douglas--Rachford algorithm for feasibility problems
Prof Jan De Gier The University of Melbourne
Mr Florian Martin Laurent De Leger Macquarie University Contractibility of nerve of classifiers and application to the Turchin--Dwyer--Hess theorem (with Michael Batanin)
Mr Raveen Daminda de Silva University of New South Wales
Prof Hans De Sterck Monash University Nonlinearly preconditioned optimisation methods for tensor decompositions and recommendation
Dr Dmitry Demskoi Charles Sturt University Automated assessment by means of computer algebra, \LaTeX\ and PDF forms
Dr Harkirat Dhindsa Macquarie University Tertiary students' perceptions of assessments of, and attitudes to, Mathematics
Dr Josef Dick University of New South Wales
Mr Neil Kristofer Dizon The University of Newcastle
Dr Roland Dodd Central Queensland University Bridging the gap for inclusive transition
Assoc Prof Yan Dolinsky Monash University Duality and convergence for binomial markets with friction
Prof Silvestru Sever Dragomir Victoria University Recent inequalities of Young type for positive operators in Hilbert spaces
Assoc Prof Jerome Droniou Monash University Designing high-order schemes for diffusion problems on generic polytopal cells
Dr Gabriel Drummond-Cole IBS Center for Geometry and Physics
Prof Yihong Du University of New England Propagation, diffusion and free boundaries
Dr Holger Dullin The University of Sydney Stability of doubly periodic shear flow of the Euler equations
Prof Xuan Duong Macquarie University
Dr David Easdown The University of Sydney
Dr James East Western Sydney University Integer polygons with given perimeter
Prof Andrew Craig Eberhard Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Radius theorems for monotone mappings
Dr Martin Ehler University of Vienna Optimal Monte Carlo integration
Dr Murray Elder University of Technology, Sydney Permutations sorted by a finite and an infinite stack in series
Dr Ali Eshragh The University of Newcastle A new approach to select the best subset of predictors in linear regression modeling
Mr Fahad Fahad Alshammari The University of Queensland
Ms Jie Yen Fan Monash University Measure-valued population processes and their asymptotics
Dr Michal Ferov University of Technology, Sydney Isomorphism problem for virtually-free groups
Dr Laurence Field Australian National University Spatial decomposition for Brownian motion and SLE curves
Dr Jessica Fintzen Institute for Advanced Study On the Moy--Prasad filtration and super-cuspidal representations
Dr Chi-Kwong Fok The University of Adelaide Real K-theory of compact Lie groups
Ms Roslyn Forecast RMIT University
Prof Peter Forrester The University of Melbourne Octonions in random matrix theory
Prof H\'el\`ene Frankowska CNRS Value function and necessary optimality conditions in deterministic optimal control
Ms Dorothee Frey Delft University of Technology Sparse dominations and sharp weighted estimates for singular integral operators
Prof Gary Froyland University of New South Wales
Dr Thomas Fung Macquarie University
Prof Vladimir Gaitsgory Macquarie University Averaging in singularly perturbed deterministic and stochastic optimal control problems and dynamic games
Mr Masoud Ganji University of New England A criterion for the embedding of a $3$-dimensional CR structure
Dr Alexandr Garbali The University of Melbourne Lattice integrable stochastic processes
Dr Richard Garner Macquarie University Ultrafilters
Assoc Prof Timothy Garoni Monash University
Dr Wolfgang Globke University of Vienna Affinely flat algebraic groups and a conjecture of Popov
Mr Yoong Kuan Goh University of Technology, Sydney
Mr Chris Gordon Macquarie University
Prof Georg Gottwald The University of Sydney
Prof Rod Gover University of Auckland The projective geometry of Sasaki--Einstein structures and their compactification
Mr Andrew Grant Macquarie University Comparing multivariate spectral densities
Ms Catheryn Gray University of New South Wales Akt translocation as a harmonic oscillator
Dr Christopher Green Macquarie University Using the Schottky--Klein prime function to compute harmonic measure distribution functions of a class of multiply connected planar domains
Assoc Prof Catherine Greenhill University of New South Wales Two threshold problems for random graphs and hypergraphs
Prof Joseph Grotowski The University of Queensland
Dr David Gruenewald The University of Sydney
Mr Hao Guo The University of Adelaide
Prof William Guo Central Queensland University Improving retention and progression by rescheduling engineering mathematics units
Mr Zihua Guo Monash University Generalized Strichartz estimates for Schr\"odinger equation
Dr Philip Hackney Macquarie University
Mr Michael Alexander Hallam The University of Adelaide End-periodic $K$-homology and positive scalar curvature
Ms Sophie Ham Monash University Geometric triangulations of knot complements
Assoc Prof Kais Hamza Monash University General bootstrap random walks
Dr Adam Harris University of New England
Dr David Harvey University of New South Wales
Dr Daniel Hauer The University of Sydney A strong maximum principle on cones
Prof Markus Hegland Australian National University Fractals and numerical linear algebra
Prof Anthony Henderson The University of Sydney
Mr Michael Hendriksen University of Western Sydney Non-binary unrooted tree-based networks
Dr Roslyn Hickson IBM Research Australia Dengue fever in Taiwan: an IBM Health Corps adventure
Ms Dilshara Hill Macquarie University Assessment: a multi-pronged tool to motivate and engage
Dr Duy Ho University of Canterbury On the classification of toroidal circle planes
Dr Peter Hochs The University of Adelaide K-theory and characters
Mr Liam Hodgkinson University of Queensland The long-term behaviour of an occupancy process
Dr Algy Howe Australian National University
Mr Jinghao Huang University of New South Wales Derivations into ideals of semifinite von Neumann algebras
Dr Mumtaz Hussain La Trobe University The Hausdorff measure version of Gallagher's theorem\,---\,closing the gap and beyond
Dr Gizem Intepe University of Western Sydney Examining students' interaction with mathematics consultation using Text Mining
Prof Jim Isenberg University of Oregon Non-Kaehler Ricci flows that converge to Kaehler--Ricci solitons
Mr Clive Jackson Victorian Government
Dr Deborah Jackson La Trobe University Impact and sustainability of a cross-disciplinary mathematics support program
Ms Adrianne Jenner The University of Sydney Modelling heterogeneity in biology: how do cancer-killing viruses interact with tumour cells?
Mr Michael Jennings The University of Queensland
Mr Danesh Jogia Department of Defence
Mr Daniel John The University of Adelaide
Prof Michael Johnson Macquarie University
Prof Nalini Joshi The University of Sydney Geometric asymptotics
Dr Zlatko Jovanoski University of New South Wales Canberra A stochastic differential equation approach to modelling the growth phase of fire spread
Mr Hyeon Tai Jung Macquarie University
Dr Masoud Kamgarpour University of Queensland Examples of mesopelagic Langlands correspondence
Mr Aaron Jordan Kaw University of New South Wales Delivery and diffusion in membranes
Ms Carolyn Kennett Macquarie University
Dr Bryce Kerr UNSW Sydney
Mr Hafiz Khusyairi Australian National University Unexpected new formula for Grothendieck duality
Assoc Prof Peter Kim The University of Sydney Modelling evolution of post-menopausal human longevity: the Grandmother Hypothesis
Assoc Prof Deborah King The University of Melbourne Investigating students' perceptions of graduate learning outcomes in mathematics
Prof Fima Klebaner Monash University Random initial conditions in differential equations
Ms Sophie Klijn Northern Beaches Secondary College
Assoc Prof Jonathan Kress University of New South Wales
Mr Sanjeev Kumar Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra
Mr Adarsh Kumbhari The University of Sydney Modelling the impact of T-cell avidity on cancer vaccines
Assoc Prof Frances Y. Kuo University of New South Wales
Prof Stephen Lack Macquarie University Parity for nestohedra
Dr Bishnu Lamichhane The University of Newcastle A new minimisation principle for the Poisson equation leading to a flexible finite-element approach
Mr Edoardo Lanari Macquarie University $\infty$-groupoids and the Homotopy Hypothesis
Mr Jeffrey Lay Australian National University An explicit bound for the divisor function
Dr Quoc Thong Le Gia University of New South Wales Sparse isotropic regularisation for spherical harmonic representations of random fields on the sphere
Dr Thomas Leistner The University of Adelaide
Assoc Prof Guoyin Li University of New South Wales Computing radius of robust feasibility of uncertain linear conic programs via semidefinite programs
Mx Huanhuan Li University of Western Sydney Graded Steinberg algebras and their representations
Dr Ji Li Macquarie University
Dr Qirui Li Australian National University The planar dual Minkowski problem
Assoc Prof Anthony Licata Australian National University Linear braids
Dr Joan Licata Australian National University Contact manifolds with boundary
Mr Daniel Lin Macquarie University Presheaves over join restriction categories
Mr Scott Lindstrom The University of Newcastle Strong convergence for relaxed iterated approximate projection methods for convex feasibility problems
Dr Jiakun Liu University of Wollongong Bergman--Toeplitz operators on weakly pseudoconvex domains
Mr Yunxuan Liu Monash University Invariance principle for biased bootstrap random walks
Prof Birgit Loch La Trobe University Teaching wirelessly with a pen-enabled tablet
Dr Heather Lonsdale Curtin University Third-year undergraduate projects in mathematics education: analysing student attitudes, student reflections, and predicting student performance
Prof John Loxton University of Western Sydney
Dr Fu Ken Ly The University of Sydney An embedding result for Hermite distribution spaces
Miss Lijing Ma Macquarie University Multiple change-point detection in an AR(1) Process: comparison of different methods
Mr Daniel Mackinlay University of New South Wales
Mr Simon Macourt University of New South Wales Visible points on exponential curves
Mr Yuki Maehara Macquarie University Mahavier limits
Mr Alexander Majchrowski The University of Sydney Neck detection for the fully nonlinear flow $G$
Mr Michael Arthur Mampusti University of Wollongong Mauldin--Williams graphs and their KMS states
Dr Vladimir Mangazeev Australian National University Integrable structure of products of complex random matrices
Mrs Audrey Markowskei Macquarie University
Dr Daniel Mathews Monash University Knot invariants and cluster algebras
Dr Scott McCallum Macquarie University
Dr Nick McConnell Defence Science and Technology Organisation
Assoc Prof James McCoy The University of Newcastle
Dr Robert McDougall University of the Sunshine Coast On base radical operators Part 2: classes of finite Puczylowski algebras
Mr Fazlul Md Fazlul Hoque The University of Queensland
Mx Stephen Meagher University of New South Wales Chebotarev's density theorem over finite fields
Dr Christopher Meaney Macquarie University
Mr Samuel Mills The University of Adelaide
Ms Stephanie Mills University of South Australia The connection between vanishing reverse-H\"older weights and functions of vanishing mean oscillation
Dr Terence Mills Deakin University Lessons from problem solving in ancient China
Miss Sogol Mohammadian The University of Newcastle Investigating Hamilton cycles through extreme points of a certain polytope
Dr Ross Moore Macquarie University Authoring `Tagged PDF' documents with \LaTeX
Prof Sid Morris Federation University Australia
Mx Daniel Murfet The University of Melbourne A-infinity categories of matrix factorisations
Prof John Murray University of New South Wales Smoking prevalence and related death rates for Australian birth cohorts over the last century
Prof Mary Myerscough The University of Sydney
Dr Gerry Myerson Macquarie University
Mr Csaba Nagy The University of Melbourne Classifying $8$-dimensional E-manifolds
Mr Abrahim Steve Nasrawi Monash University Lifted worm process for the Ising model
Assoc Prof Mark Nelson University of Wollongong Analysis of nitrogen removal in the activated sludge process
Dr Giang Nguyen The University of Adelaide
Ms Trang Nguyen University of South Australia
Mr Thanakorn Nitithumbundit The University of Sydney Modelling multivariate financial time series with variance gamma innovations
Prof Paul Norbury The University of Melbourne A new cohomology class in the moduli space of stable curves
Dr Ross Ogilvie The University of Sydney The space of harmonic tori in the $3$-sphere
Prof Andrei Okounkov Columbia University Enumerative geometry and geometric representation theory
Mx Marielle Ong University of Queensland The Donaldson--Narasimhan--Seshadri Theorem
Dr Judy-anne Osborn The University of Newcastle Communities of practice across pre-undergraduate and undergraduate mathematics
Dr Alessandro Ottazzi University of New South Wales Lie groups contacto-morphic to nilpotent Lie groups
Mr George Papadopoulos The University of Sydney
Mr Alex Parkinson Macquarie University Averaging of discrete-time singularly perturbed optimal control problems
Dr James Parkinson The University of Sydney
Dr Bregje Pauwels Australian National University Gerstenhaber structure of a class of special biserial algebras
Mr Thomas Pedersen University of Wollongong On the $C^*$-algebras of a graph of groups
Dr Richard Mark Pennifold Department of Defence
Mr Oscar Peralta Technical University of Denmark On a class of bivariate phase-type distributions and its applications in risk theory
Dr Collin Grant Phillips The University of Sydney Employing cultural plasticity in STEM workshops for prospective indigenous Engineering and Information Technology students
Dr Guillermo Pineda-Villavicencio Federation University Australia On the reconstruction of polytopes
Prof Philip Keith Pollett University of Queensland Metapopulations in evolving landscapes
Ms Pantea Pooladvand The University of Sydney Do T-cells compete for antigen?
Prof Geoffrey Prince Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute Variationality of PDEs
Dr Artem Pulemotov The University of Queensland Metrics with prescribed curvature on homogeneous spaces with intermediate subgroups
Mx Ainsley Pullen The University of Queensland Concrete mathematical incompleteness and the Finite Upper Shift Kernel theorem
Dr Thomas Quella The University of Melbourne Protection of topological phases in quantum spin systems by quantum deformed symmetries
Dr Milena Radnovic The University of Sydney Short trajectories of integrable billiards
Mx Jacqui Ramagge The University of Sydney C*-algebras from self-similar actions and their states
Dr Matthew Randall None Flat $(2,3,5)$-distributions and Chazy's equations
Mrs Nishanthi Raveendran Macquarie University Binary segmentation methods for spatial clustering
Prof John Roberts University of New South Wales
Dr Marcy Robertson The University of Melbourne Presheaf models for infinity modular operads
Dr Danya Rose The University of Sydney Who gets the girl? On the operational sex ratio as an index for male strategy
Dr Vera Roshchina RMIT University Multipoint Voronoi cells
Dr Jan Rozendaal Australian National University Operator-valued $(L^{p},L^{q})$ Fourier multipliers
Dr Leanne Rylands University of Western Sydney
Mr Martin Sagradian Macquarie University Potential theory problems for arbitrary rotationally symmetric double-connected conductors: rigorous approach
Mr Fazal Ahmad Saikal Ultimo TAFE Mathematics Section
Ms Tanja Schindler Australian National University Trimmed sums for observables on the doubling map
Prof Gerd Schmalz University of New England Homogeneous tube domains in higher dimensions
Dr Jelena Schmalz University of New England
Dr Katherine Anne Seaton La Trobe University
Dr Min Sha Macquarie University On the irregular primes with respect to Euler polynomials
Mr Donald Shearman Western Sydney University
Miss Meng Shi Monash University Bootstrap random walk
Prof Harvinder Sidhu University of New South Wales
Dr Adam Sierakowski University of Wollongong Unbounded quasitraces, stable finiteness and pure infiniteness
Dr Adam Sikora Macquarie University Riesz transform and harmonic functions
Prof Aidan Sims University of Wollongong Rigidity for dynamics via operator algebras
Mr Timothy Siu University of New South Wales Combinatorial model for the dynamics of birational maps over finite fields
Prof Ian Sloan University of New South Wales On the generation of random fields
Prof Michael Small The University of Western Australia Reconstructing continuous dynamical systems from time series data with discrete transition graphs
Dr Geoffrey Smith None
Prof Paul Smith Macquarie University Quantifying the change in the far-field pattern induced by rounding the corners of a scatterer illuminated by a plane-wave electromagnetic field
Miss Rebecca Smith The University of Newcastle Engagement-focused learning in large service-level courses
Prof Kate Smith-Miles The University of Melbourne
Dr Georgy Sofronov Macquarie University
Mx Matthew James Spong The University of Melbourne The $K$-theory of loop spaces and elliptic cohomology
Dr Peter Stacey La Trobe University
Dr Michael Stewart The University of Sydney More sensitive mixture detection using the empirical moment-generating function
Dr Tim Stokes University of Waikato Generalised domain and $E$-inverse semigroups
Prof Yvonne Stokes The University of Adelaide Can we make that fibre?
Prof Ross Howard Street Macquarie University Real sets
Miss Michelle Strumila The University of Melbourne
Prof Fedor Sukochev University of New South Wales Conformal trace theorem for Julia sets
Dr Yingying Sun The University of Sydney The Sylvester equation and the elliptic Korteweg--de Vries system
Dr Nicole Sutherland The University of Sydney
Dr Melissa Tacy University of Otago
Dr Thomas Taimre University of Queensland Exploiting asymptotic structure for efficient rare-event estimation for sums of random variables
Mr Dominic Tate The University of Sydney Higher Teichm\"uller theory on closed and finite-area surfaces using techniques of Fock and Goncharov
Dr Chuong Thai Doan University of New South Wales Optimality conditions for non-smooth, multi-objective, bilevel optimization problems
Dr Guo Chuan Thiang The University of Adelaide Hyperbolic and crystalline topological matter via Baum--Connes isomorphisms
Miss Lauren Thornton University of the Sunshine Coast On base radical operators Part 1: classes of finite associative rings
Dr Chris Tisdell University of New South Wales No, Professor: you don't need to reverse the order of integration!
Mr Turker Topal Macquarie University Accurate calculation of complex eigenvalues for TM-modes in 2D arbitrary cavities with longitudinal slit
Dr Timothy Trudgian UNSW Canberra Primes and squares\,---\,in less than two pages!
Dr Ilknur Tulunay University of Technology, Sydney ST-metric method in Finance
Dr Frank Valckenborgh Macquarie University
Prof Dominic Verity Macquarie University Generator notions in $\infty$-cosmology
Dr Geetika Verma University of South Australia The fundamental equations for the generalized resolvent of an elementary pencil in a unital Banach algebra
Prof Kari Vilonen The University of Melbourne Langlands duality for real groups
Dr Elena Vinogradova Macquarie University Regularization of the first-kind surface integral equations arising in the wave diffraction on 2D arbitrary cavities with longitudinal slit
Dr Mircea Voineagu University of New South Wales Computations in Bredon motivic cohomology
Dr Raymond Vozzo The University of Adelaide
Mr David Harley Wales Western Sydney University
Mr Charles Walker Macquarie University Universal properties of polynomials via doctrinal Yoneda structures
Dr Hang Wang The University of Adelaide Positive scalar curvature for proper actions
Dr Yucang Wang Central Queensland University Linking mathematical theories to computation and modelling for engineering applications
Assoc Prof Lesley Ward University of South Australia Using the Schottky--Klein prime function to compute the harmonic measure distribution function of a doubly connected planar domain
Prof Ole Warnaar The University of Queensland
Dr Michael Greg Watson The University of Sydney Multi-phase modelling of early fibrous cap formation in \textit{atherosclerosis}
Mr Sam Weatherhog The University of Queensland
Mx Ben Webster University of Waterloo The representation theory of symplectic singularities
Dr Yong Wei Australian National University Volume preserving flow by powers of $k$-th mean curvature
Dr Arik Wilbert University of Bonn/MPI Bonn Two-block Springer fibers and Springer representations in type D
Prof George Willis The University of Newcastle
Ms Sinead Wilson The University of Queensland Stabilisers of eigenvectors in complex reflection groups
Mx Justin Wishart Macquarie University Homogeneous wavelet expansions of some fractional Gaussian fields
Dr Thomas Wong The University of Melbourne \LaTeX\ + First Year Calculus = ???
Prof Leigh Wood Macquarie University
Ms C Wormell The University of Sydney Spectral Galerkin methods for transfer operators in uniformly expanding dynamics
Dr Haotian Wu The University of Sydney
Dr Changwei Xiong Australian National University Convexity of non-negatively curved hypersurfaces with free boundary on a sphere
Mr Jon Xu The University of Melbourne Chevalley groups and finite geometry
Dr Ting Xue The University of Melbourne
Dr Oded Yacobi The University of Sydney
Dr Yaping Yang The University of Melbourne Towards a construction of higher dimensional loop Grassmannians
Dr Bernard Yann Monash University
Mr Kam Hung Yau University of New South Wales Distribution of $\alpha n+ \beta$ modulo 1 over some arithmetic set
Dr David Yost Federation University Australia
Mr Erchuan Zhang The University of Western Australia Riemannian cubics in the manifold $\operatorname{SPD}(n)$ of all $n\times n$ symmetric positive-definite matrices
Dr Lele (Joyce) Zhang The University of Melbourne A study of optimizing courier routes in CBD areas
Dr Xin Zhang The University of Melbourne Quantum integrable models and the off-diagonal Bethe ansatz method
Mr Yang Zhang The University of Sydney The second fundamental theorem of invariant theory for the orthosymplectic supergroup
Dr Yinan Zhang Australian National University Computing $p$-adic regulators
Dr Zhou Zhang The University of Sydney Mean curvature flows of closed hypersurfaces in warped product manifolds
Dr Liangyi Zhao University of New South Wales Mean-value results of Hecke $L$-functions with fixed-order characters
Dr Maolin Zhou University of New England A principal eigenvalue problem with large degenerate advection
Dr Zongzheng Zhou Monash University Green's function of a random length random walk on the torus
Mr Jonathan Julian Zhu Harvard University Min--max theory for constant mean curvature hypersurfaces
Dr Shengguo Zhu Monash University Recent progress on classical solutions for compressible isentropic Navier--Stokes equations with degenerate viscosities and vacuum
Prof Song-Ping Zhu University of Wollongong Pricing American-style Parisian options