Thirty-Third Annual Victorian Algebra Conference, Sydney, Australia, 2015

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Details of talk

TitleThe mod-$m$ diagram monoids.
PresenterNick Ham (University of Tasmania)
Author(s)Mr Nick Ham

Given a positive integer $m$, the (planar) mod-$m$ diagram monoid consists of
diagrams from the (planar) partition monoids such that the number of upper and
lower vertices contained in each block are congruent modulo $m$. A presentation
by way of generators and relations has previously been established for the mod-m
monoid. This talk will outline how the author identified and established
generators for the planar mod-$m$ diagram monoid, along with relations that
appear to form a presentation of the planar mod-$2$ diagram monoid, while also
describing some of the other results contained in the author's thesis.