Thirty-Third Annual Victorian Algebra Conference, Sydney, Australia, 2015

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Details of talk

TitlePartial tense MV-algebras and related functions
PresenterJan Paseka (Masaryk University)
Author(s)Jan Paseka, Michal Botur

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The main aim of this lecture is to study partial functions between MV-algebras
that are related to the so called partial tense MV-algebras. Tense MV-algebras
introduced by D. Diagonescu and G. Georgescu are just MV-algebras with new unary
operations G and H which express universal time quantifiers.

We present a general representation theorem for these functions between
semisimple MV-algebras,i.e., we show that any such fuction is induced by a
relation analogously to classical works in this field
of logic. This result yields both a representation theorem for tense algebras
solved by authors and strenghtens also a result on a broader class of operators
on semisimple MV-algebras by the speaker.