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Details of talk

TitleRanking the Importance Level of Intermediaries to a Criminal
PresenterAsha Rao (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)
Author(s)Assoc Prof Asha Rao
SessionApplied Mathematics/Industrial Mathematics
Time10:30:00 2016-12-07

Current research into discovering important intermediate nodes in
a network suspected of containing criminal activity is highly dependent on
network centrality values. No centrality measures are able to identify nodes
important to a particular source node. This talk introduces a new source-
intermediate reliance measure that is able to identify exactly such nodes. By
applying it to rank the nodes in the Enron email dataset and comparing it with
the betweenness, Markov and PageRank centrality measures, we show that the
reliance measure is better able to prioritise nodes for criminal investigation
purposes. The analysis of the nodes that are ranked the highest by the reliance
measure results in the discovery of new persons who are convicted criminals.

This is joint work with P. Magalingam and S. Davis