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Details of talk

TitleLittle Penguin banding: Not all that itís cracked up to be
PresenterLeesa Sidhu (University of New South Wales Canberra)
Author(s)Dr Leesa Sidhu
SessionApplied Mathematics/Industrial Mathematics
Time15:30:00 2016-12-05

Tagging is essential for many types of ecological and behavioural studies as it
allows the easy identification of previously encountered animals. It is
generally assumed that tagging does not affect the fitness of animals being
examined and that tags are retained permanently. This talk presents a framework
for analysing mark-recapture data arising from studies that use more than one
type of tag or multiple tags. It compares the survival probabilities of 2483
penguins marked at Phillip Island, Australia over a seven year period for groups
marked with bands, with transponders or with both devices, by considering life
history data, and forming the likelihood as the product of the contributions for
each group. Life history data from the double-tagged group are used to estimate
the tag retention probabilities, and these are incorporated into the likelihood.
The talk examines the effects of flipper bands and injected transponders on the
apparent survival of adult Little Penguins Eudyptula minor and shows that
banding is not all that itís cracked up to be! The design of the study and the
method of analysis allow the estimation of tag loss for the first time, and
ensure that tag loss does not bias the survival estimates.