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Details of talk

TitleThe injective Leavitt complex
PresenterHuanhuan Li (University of Western Sydney)
Author(s)Dr Huanhuan Li
Time16:30:00 2016-12-05

For a finite quiver Q without sinks, we consider the corresponding finite
dimensional algebra A with radical square zero. We construct
an explicit compact generator for the homotopy category of acyclic complexes of
injective A-modules. We call such a generator the injective Leavitt complex of
Q. This terminology is justified by the following result: the differential
graded endomorphism algebra of the injective Leavitt complex of Q is
quasi-isomorphic to the Leavitt path algebra of Q. Here, the Leavitt path
algebra is naturally Z-graded and viewed as a differential graded algebra with
trivial differential.