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TitleMy tale of two flames bi-stability in travelling flame fronts
PresenterHarvinder Sidhu (University of New South Wales)
Author(s)Zhejun Huang, Harvi Sidhu, Isaac Towers, Zlatko Jovanoski, Vladimir Gubornov and Richard Pennifold
SessionApplied Mathematics/Industrial Mathematics
Time15:00:00 2016-12-08

We consider a diffusional-thermal model with two-step competitive reactions for
premixed combustion wave propagation in one spatial dimension. Although the
rates of the reactions are distinct, both reactions occur simultaneously and
feed of the same reactant. Numerical investigation of the flame speed of the
system for certain parameter values show the existence of regions where two
stable traveling combustion wave solutions co-exist  solutions pertaining to
the fast and slow branches. A hysteresis type phenomenon exists, and we show
that by altering the initial conditions, one can move from one solution branch
to the other. Regions of complex pulsating combustion waves were also uncovered.