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Details of talk

TitleBraidings for skew monoidal categories
PresenterJohn Bourke (Macquarie University)
Author(s)Dr John Bourke
SessionCategory Theory, Algebraic Topology, K-Theory
Time16:00:00 2017-12-14

Skew monoidal categories are a certain laxified version of monoidal category. 
They were introduced by Szlachanyi in 2012 in relation to bialgebroids over
rings.  In 2016 I described some examples of these structures arising in higher
category theory.
A natural question to ask is: ``what is the correct notion of braiding in the
skew context?''  The answer is not, perhaps, what one might first guess.  In
this talk I will define braided skew monoidal categories and give some examples
of them.  

This is joint work with Steve Lack.