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Details of talk

TitleEnd-periodic $K$-homology and positive scalar curvature
PresenterMichael Alexander Hallam (The University of Adelaide)
Author(s)Michael Hallam, Mathai Varghese
SessionCategory Theory, Algebraic Topology, K-Theory
Time14:00:00 2017-12-13

In this talk I will introduce a new variant of $K$-homology, called
`end-periodic $K$-homology', that is tailored to a recent index theorem for
end-periodic manifolds by Mrowka, Ruberman and Saveliev. The new $K$-homology
groups elegantly encapsulate invariance properties of end-periodic rho
invariants, and in fact are naturally isomorphic to the standard $K$-homology
groups. The isomorphism preserves rho invariants, and so can be used to transfer
results on positive scalar curvature for odd-dimensional manifolds to
even-dimensional manifolds. 

This is joint work with Mathai Varghese.