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Details of talk

TitleMahavier limits
PresenterYuki Maehara (Macquarie University)
Author(s)Mr Yuki Maehara
SessionCategory Theory, Algebraic Topology, K-Theory
Time11:30:00 2017-12-14

Sequential limits have long been valued by continuum theorists (here `continuum'
means `compact, connected Hausdorff space') as a useful tool to
construct/describe complicated spaces in terms of much simpler ones. When viewed
as such a tool, however, the usual notion of limit can sometimes be too
restrictive. They thus introduced the notion of Mahavier limit in the 2000s,
where the continuous maps in the diagram are replaced by upper semi-continuous,
closed set-valued functions.

This talk will be based on my honours thesis, in which I characterised Mahavier
limits by a certain universal property that looks somewhat similar to the
definition of oplax limits in 2-category theory. I will also discuss some of my
recent findings such as how Mahavier limits can be seen as enriched weighted