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Details of talk

Title$\infty$-groupoids and the Homotopy Hypothesis
PresenterEdoardo Lanari (Macquarie University)
Author(s)Mr Edoardo Lanari
SessionCategory Theory, Algebraic Topology, K-Theory
Time15:00:00 2017-12-13

In this talk I will introduce a globular model for weak $\infty$-groupoids, due
to A.\,Grothendieck, and illustrate the basic features of their homotopy theory.
It is conjectured that the $(\infty,1)$ category they present models homotopy
types (this is the so called `Homotopy Hypothesis'), which has been proven to
hold true for essentially every other existing model of $\infty$-groupoids
(e.g., Kan complexes).
I will also outline original ideas and results of my work, along with important
results in the literature on this topic, to give an idea on how to prove this