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Details of talk

TitleReal K-theory of compact Lie groups
PresenterChi-Kwong Fok (The University of Adelaide)
Author(s)Dr Chi-Kwong Fok
SessionCategory Theory, Algebraic Topology, K-Theory
Time16:30:00 2017-12-13

Let $G$ be a compact connected Lie group, viewed as a $G$-space via the
conjugation action. A theorem of Brylinski--Zhang states that the equivariant
K-theory of $G$ is the ring of K\"ahler differentials of its complex
representation ring, while a recent deep theorem by Freed--Hopkins--Teleman
asserts a canonical isomorphism between the twisted equivariant version and the
Verlinde algebra of $G$. In this talk, I will present generalizations of both
results in the context of Atiyah's Real K-theory.