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Details of talk

TitleOptimizing environmental water release decisions in river systems
PresenterSimranjit Kaur (The University of Melbourne)
Author(s)Simranjit Kaur
SessionOperations Research and Optimisation
Time11:00:00 2017-09-26

The ecological conditions of rivers across the world are getting deteriorated
due to an increase in extraction of water to meet the increasing irrigation and
human consumptive demands. To protect river ecology, Australia has introduced
legal water rights for environment, where a parcel of water is allocated to the
environment every year that can be released into the river from different
storages/reservoirs associated with the river to maintain/increase the health
condition of various species in the river. An environmental manager for a river
system is responsible to make decisions around the timings, locations and volume
of environmental water releases in order to gain maximum benefit to the river
ecology. Complexity of these decisions gets escalated by several factors
including the existence of a large number of species to protect (which can
possibly have conflicting flow demands) and a limited volume of water
availability for the environment.  In this talk, we present a mixed integer
programming based optimization tool that can assist environmental managers in
making such complex decisions.