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Details of talk

TitleUnitary representations of the Thompson group constructed with a category/functor method due to Jones.
PresenterArnaud Brothier (UNSW Sydney)
Author(s)Dr Arnaud Brothier
SessionFunctional Analysis, Operator Algebra, Non-commutative Geometry
Time16:00:00 2018-12-07

The Thompson group is the group of homeomorphisms of [0,1] that are piecewise
linear with slopes a power of 2 and breakpoints a dyadic rational. It is one of
the most studied discrete group which still remains very mysterious. 
Motivating in constructing conformal field theories Jones recently discovered a
very general process that produces a unitary representation of the Thompson
group from very few data such as an isometry between Hilbert spaces or a planar
algebra together with a certain element. We will present this construction and
provide concrete examples.
This is a joint work with Jones.